Monday, May 12, 2014

Mayor Prickly, or Toni Preckwinkle? With Whom Would You Share a Pizza and Cold Pitcher of Draft at Vito & Nick's?

Rahm Emanuel can be Prickly*. Polls can be Picky - skewed to serve up just the right conclusion., like every poll conducted by the Paul Simon Institute.  Polls tell us the foregone conclusion to every thing - science, my boy, science.

Now, we helots are treated to a poll conducted to belabor the obvious ( Rahm is just Prickly) and conclude that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is sweeter than bear meat.“Right now, Rahm is not connecting. If he doesn’t do that, he’s gonna lose,” McKeon said.
Emanuel is raising campaign cash at a frenzied pace — with more than $7 million in the bank already and former President Bill Clinton headlining a mega-fundraiser next month — in hopes of scaring off serious challengers.
He’d better hope the strategy works, according to the new poll, which measured Emanuel’s support against County Board President Toni Preckwinkle — the challenger City Hall fears most — along with three others: Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd); Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and former Ald. Robert Shaw (9th).
Shaw is the only declared mayoral challenger.
If the election were held today, Emanuel would find himself in a horse race.
The mayor would get 29 percent of the vote to Preckwinkle’s 26 percent. The poll shows Lewis finishing third with 10 percent, followed by Fioretti at 5 percent and Shaw with 3 percent. An estimated 27 percent of voters interviewed were undecided.
The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points, higher when the results are broken down by demographic factors. More than 39 percent of respondents were interviewed on their cellphones.Chicago Sun Times - The Progressive Praetorian Guard of Chicago
Rahm is a Progressive, Toni Preckwinkle is a Progressive, Ald. Bob Fioretti is a Progressive, Karen Lewis is a Progressive coached by a Socialist - Jesse Sharkey. They each one of them have the personality of a dial tone.

Former Alderman Bob Shaw is not a Progressive.  So, he's got that going for him.  Bob Shaw is a rascal and that can't hurt. Bob Shaw is a fun guy and very comfortable in his own larcenous skin. The choice in this case would be like choosing a night of succotash and warm milk with Bill Moyers, or cards, a jug, a swell Dame and maybe some family friendly gun-play with Bret Maverick.

My test for political office is always determining the intrinsic worth of a candidate based upon past performance - would I care to spend any time with that person?

Would you -female, gay, Catholic, Unitarian, Agnostic, breeder, affluent, financially challenged, male, sixteen inch softball Alumna/i , homeowner, or homeless - care to nail a few squares from a Vito & Nick's family sized 18" Pizza Supreme and an ice cold pitcher of whatever domestic malted grain beverage is on tap with either Rahm Emanuel or Toni Preckwinkle?

Man, I'd rather have my gums scraped a Parkinson's afflicted orthdontis with dirty fingers and world-class halitosis.

Toni Preckwinkle makes Mayor Prickly seem like Bing Crosby on Quaalude.  The two of them must have spent their childhood happy hours torturing G.I. Joe and Barbie and then matriculated to social studies.

Now, I'd grease up my fingers, face and formal wear over piping hot 360 Degrees of Vito & Nick's with former Ald. Bob Shaw any hour of the day.  I have witnessed the way Bob Shaw treats people far less fortunate than himself and it was according to Gospel I hear read homilized on Sunday's at Sacred Heart Misssion Church, St, Odilo's in Berwyn and St. John Cantius.

I'll take a larcenous rascal with shady history who treats poor, helpless and needy people like they are the most important people on the planet and Bob Shaw does exactly that.  I know he might tweak "opportunity" to his personal gain, because he's tell me so.

I know Toni Preckwinkle and Rahm Emanuel would light a box of kittens on fire, if policy dictates, and that they would not leave a nickel left un-stolen from people of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and the United States. They are Progressives, Reformers, BGA Approved and Media Protected Foregone Conclusions.

Poll your neighbors, boys and girls.  The Progressive pole will continue  whack us all between the eyes.

Mayor Prickly is the sobriquette coined by Chicago writer and Vito & Nick;'s habitue John Kass.  At first I thought Mayor Prickly was an homage to Jane Austen, William Congreve and Capt. Dick Steele.

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