Thursday, May 01, 2014

Mary's Month of May - No Matter What the Reds Might Say

The Reds like to march on May 1st. They have the microphones these days and the money to pay for them.

May is the month of Mary - don't cost nothing and no gets arrested, or beaten up, much less killed.  Mary is the Mother of God.  Here in Chicago the usual Che Guevara re-enactors and their political purse puppies will wow the media and march for or against something at the Haymarket Memorial and Union Park on Ashland.  Funny thing is that the same loud mouths never seem to do anything for people in any way, shape or form.

My Grandfather was a Jim Larkin man in Liverpool before coming here and helping organize the engineers.  Jim Larkin was the founder of the IWW that later morphed (roughly1920)into the Communist Party USA her in the States.

By that time, most serious labor leaders shunned the radical idiocies of the Reds and helped create the American middle class that is rooted in Faith.  The Reds demand nonsense and ignorant people step in line behind them.

The Reds and their useful idiots in politics, academics, the arts and journalism can not stomach Faith of any kind in people who actually work for a living. Mary Harris - Mother Jones is a great example.

Those people know that May Day signals the Month of Mary.

May is Mary's Month - here's why.
The month of May is traditionally dedicated to Mary in many cultures. May is considered the season of the beginning of new life. Already in Greek culture, May was dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of fecundity. In Roman culture, May was dedicated to Flora, the goddess of bloom, of blossoms. The Romans celebrated ludi florales (literally: floral games) at the end of April, asking the intercession of Flora for all that blooms. This is also related to the medieval practice of expelling winter. May 1 was considered the beginning of growth.
At one time, the custom of having a Mary-month was independent from the month of May as such:
A very old tradition known as Tricesimum (or: Thirty-Day Devotion to Mary; also called Lady Month) was originally held from August 15 - September 14. The exact dates or origin of this devotion are unknown, but the custom is still practiced here and there.
Mary Month, as yet unrelated to a specific period, has been known since baroque times (Sources: Johannes Nadasi; Theophilus Marianus, 1664; J. X. Jacolet, Mensis Marianus, 1724). This devotion was comprised of about thirty spiritual exercises in honor of Mary.
Since medieval times, we have had the combination between Mary and the month of May. Among the earliest witnesses are: Alphonsus X, "el sabio," King of Castille, Spain (1221-1284) with his "Cantigas de Santa Maria" ("Ben venna Mayo"). Here and elsewhere, both Mary and the month of May are greeted, welcomed and celebrated on specific days in May. Later, the whole month of May became the month of Mary. On each day of this month, special devotions to Mary were organized. This custom originated in Italy (for example: Ferrara, 1784). It was spread widely during the nineteenth century, a century well-known for its monthly devotions (Heart of Jesus in June; Rosary in October).

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