Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hey, Pilgrim -Read Progressive's Progress! It Will Give You Bunyans

Emanuel tells drivers to slow down
Career Grifter and CTA Appointee Forrest Claypool just could not 'lean' right enough to avoid a photo-up with serial speeder and scoff-law Mayor Coon Eyes, while the daughter of Progressive Nepotism in Chicago Deb Mell works her face muscles ala Dick Durbin -feigned concern masking a cartoon cavalcade playing in the brain-pan.

“Mr. Worldly-Wiseman is not an ancient relic of the past. He is everywhere today, disguising his heresy and error by proclaiming the gospel of contentment and peace achieved by self-satisfaction and works. If he mentions Christ, it is not as the Savior who took our place, but as a good example of an exemplary life. Do we need a good example to rescue us, or do we need a Savior? ”
― John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come

The above photo from today's Chicago Tribune article offering Chicagoland's mythopoeic star and Red Light Running Mayor an opportunity to avoid blame, offers the face of Progressives.  You get what you vote for when you do back Progressives.  You get a metaphorical knife in the kidneys, if you happen to be an old time Ward healer.  You get betrayed, if you helped them nuzzle up to Power.  You get a daily shower of contempt and economic burden, if you pay taxes and work for a living in support of your wife and children.
Once the government cash cow is thoroughly milked as dry as a Progressive's heart, We all get stuck with bills and the clean-up.

We are all to blame for not laughing Progressives back into the crazy-house of pious secular platitudes and policy scams from whence they spring.  Laugh early, or cry often.

That is the Progressive Chicago Way.

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