Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Putin's Next Move Will be Made by Red China

The issue is not that Putin fails to grasp the promise of western-style democratic capitalism. It is that he and other American rivals flatly reject it. -Brisbane Times

"The foe perceived that something incomprehensible was going on in that menacing Sevastopol. Those ex-
plosions and the death-like silence on the bastions made them shudder ; but they dared not yet believe, being still under the influence of the calm and forcible resis- tance of the day, that their invincible enemy had dis-
appeared, and they awaited motionless and in silence the end of that gloomy night."  Count Leo Tostoy: Sevastapol Sketches

I had coffee with a friend who loves all things Obama.  Let's say, we agree to disagree.  Despite the record of the Obama White House 2008-Present, this gent is yet a'tingle with the tranformative President; even what passes for the geo-political reenactment of Howard Zinn's American History lessons, now so evident in post-Olympic Crimea and Ukraine. My friend believes that President Obama has Vlad Putin "right where he wants him."  In The Ukraine? "Oh, Stop, Hickey, you and your neo-conservative playing Risk with American lives."

Damn me,

Putin is KGB and Obama is . . .autobiographer, Nobel Laureate, community organizer, Cook County Democratic chess piece, adjunct lecturer?

Putin is not in this alone.  Red China is backing Putin's play and while the Crimea has Valerie Jarrett's attention for the moment, I expect Vlad's next move will be played by the Chinese Reds.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin, listens to General Ivan Buvaltsev, right, as they observe a military exercise near St Petersburg, Russia.  Japan and China both lay claims on Daioyu/Senkaku islands. And China's new zone overlaps with Japan's, which was formed on August 29, 1968. China contests the Japanese air defense zone as illegal, Zhang Junshe, who is with the Chinese Navy, told Xinhua.China also has stirred its South Korean neighbors. A reef called Ieodo in the Yellow Sea sits about 149 kilometers southwest of Korean and 287 kilometers east from China, and is partially covered by the Chinese ADIZ. The Koreans have established an Ocean Research Station on Ieodo. . . .
Jeffrey said the days and months ahead will be vital. If Putin faces few long-term consequences for seizing Crimea, it will set a precedent for China and other regional powers who may be considering establishing 19th century-style spheres of influence of their own.
"The Chinese," Jeffrey said, "are in the same position."
Obama organizes Planned Parenthood, White House Jay Z parties, MSNBC/Journolists play dates.  Putin goes for blood and dirt. Putin does not play.

Sarah Palin was mocked for looking out of kitchen window.  At least, she had the curiosity to take a peek.  Obama strikes me as the kind of guy who looks not out of windows, but into mirrors.

Risk is a game that I have never played in my life - too complicated.  I am a Candyland devotee, if truth be told.

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