Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn Hits Up Illinois Exiles in Hollywood

GOVPAT QUINN, the film industry best friend, will be guest of honor at a Bob Teitel-hosted reelection fundraiser in LA on Friday, March 7, for Hollywood honchos and Chicagoans in the industry. Last March, film producer and Chicago native Teitel held a private reception for the gov in his home.This time, the event will take place in the more casual setting of a cigar bar. Suggested donation last year was $1,000 and presumably it will be the same this time around. 

Gov. Pat Quinn avoids questions abvout giving Dorothy Brown's Old Man six figures of Illinois Buckeens by hiding out in Hollywood.
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's re-election campaign is getting an out-of-state boost. 
The Chicago Democrat flew to Los Angeles on Friday for a fundraiser attended by actors and others in the movie industry. 
Quinn campaign spokeswoman Leslie Wertheimer confirmed Monday that Quinn was in Los Angeles for the fundraiser. She said a similar one was thrown in his honor in 2013. 

The  Oleaginous Governor of Illinois makes Convict Governor Blagojevich seem like an ad for the Dry Look. 

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