Friday, March 07, 2014

My Design and Site Proposal for the Obama Library in Chicago

The University of Chicago has been working behind the scenes to get competing factions to collaborate on a unified bid to build the Obama presidential library in Chicago, but U. of C. officials said Thursday that they won't select a neighborhood for the library — the president and first lady will.
"The Obamas know Chicago like the back of their hands, and for us to say we want it in one spot does not make sense if they want it someplace else," said Susan Sher, a senior adviser to the university's president and coordinator of its library effort. "At the University of Chicago, our approach is to build it on the mid-South Side of Chicago within a few miles of the university. But we have no specific site." Chicago Tribune
Me and the guys do!!!!
Since the announcement calling for proposals for the design and site of a future of Presidential Library named for Good Old Number 44- Barack H. Obama, I have been feverishly reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel, watching Old Maverick re-runs that I taped from Encore's the Western Channel, planning dinner menus to suit the gustatory discernment's of my son, meeting the standard obligations of good citizenship in the light and heavy snow removal incumbent upon us all with advent of Global Warming, dating a gorgeous woman, attending Leo High School basketball games in its run to capture the IHSA basketball title and generally doping off.
In the last thirty minutes, or so, I put together a nondiverse team of gender specific 19th Ward Democrats and retired city workers to meet the challenges posed by Marty Nesbitt's team of Library sycophants and Obama bundlers.

Hickey's Big O Library Design & Site team - L-R- Aloysius T. Byrd, Mike "Slim" Cullen, Terry "Four-Eyes" White, Pabst " Blue" Ribbon, and Neary Lee Dunne enjoy a breakfast turkey and brainstorm.

We met in my kitchen, when Brewbaker's closed this morning.  The ideas were wholesome and praiseworthy.  As Obama is the most transformational, unprecedented, omniscient and fluid of men, we hit on a design that just might - meet the mark.  Between the turkey and the spuds it was determined that our design should tell the story of the man himself.
The Square peg in the round hole.  It was determined that such an All-Seeing-"I" of A Man deserves a placement worthy of his waters - The 68th Street Water Crib out on Lake Michigan. Imagine the morning halo, like all those pictures of the BIG O taken by the hand-picked White House Boy photoger!
The site should fit the Presidential self-styled south sider and Sox Fan - he can see Adam " Big Donkey" Dunn from the library were it to sit out on the Lake. 
There should be enough shelf space for both of President Obama's books and all of the swag he's collected.
 The Big O out on the Lake! Sun Rise; Sun Set!

This work was not done over night - took only a couple of minutes, like filling potholes and increasing property taxes.

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