Monday, October 07, 2013

Chicago Tribune Editorial - " Hey, Folks! We Had a Huge Part in Lousing Up Chicago; Now, Let's All Help Planning the Funeral!"

A challenge to Tribune readers

For more than forty years, The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board has been in the vanguard of the coalition of advocates, academics and activists who have helped turn Chicago away from The Machine and towards the Mistake on the Lake! Now, that Chicago has become everything that the Tribune has demanded it become, like a Gold Coast Dowager with a fat divorce settlement and thirty years of Rush Street Cosmo -promiscuity and concomitant liposuction, the Kids on Board want an urban intervention.

The Tribune has poured oceans of ink on Chicago's — forgive the euphemism — urban problems. Treating them as individual diseases is convenient for us, convenient for readers, just convenient: Write another series, then preserve it in a digital folder marked Crime, or Schools, or Jobs, or Family Breakdown, or City Finances.
What we haven't done as rigorously is examine the whole patient: the still-sturdy skeleton of Chicago on which holistic remedies might be built.

Yep, about as appealing as smooching the old Cougar's cold sores, that is.

With decades of patient and gutless group thought,  the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board has achieved everything Abner Mikva learned from Saul Alinsky.   Chief Keef gets more publicity than the Special Olympics and deceased gang-bangers more respect than Francis Cardinal George.

For better than forty years the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board worked to make sure that everyone takes this person very seriously, and questions the values, aspirations and intentions of these people

For forty plus years the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board worked 24/7 to
  • Undermine any and all confidence in the Justice System - see Peoples Law Office, Loevy & Loevy, Bernardine Dohrn, Medill School of Journalism and the Centers for Wrongful Anything
  • Call for every idiotic tax necessary - see  Ralph Martire
  • Back protected political grifters and lightweights - see Forrest Claypool et al
  • Assault the Catholic Church particularly and religion generally - See John Kass' great column*
  • Demand larcenous policies for education - See the Tribune Editorials c. 1968-2013
  • Equate sexual behavior with race - ibid.
  • Denigrate Skilled Tradesmen - Promote SEIU Marxism with Labor -ibid.
  • Censor and obliterate the past -ibid.
  • Promote the Selfish -ibid.
  • Denigrate the Competent - ibid.
  • Examine only the approved point of view -ibid.
  • Ignore Consequences - See Detroit
Now, Hyde Park Mafia's paper of record wants Stella & Stosh, Marty & Maeve, Curtis & Clara, Dash & Dot to come up with master plan that would make Danny Burnham fill his britches!

Here's my plan .. . .Go . . .try to show some respect for people who actually make a difference in lives of people.

Seriously, cite every suggestion proposed by this band of lemmings at Joe Medill's rag and walk things back.

* Best reason to read the Tribune, other than High School Sports

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