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Billy Thurber? Jimmy Ayres? It's a Whimsical Terrorist Reading His Own Whimiscal Thoughts

Bill Ayers
The Whimsical Weathermen Bill and his Odious Old Lady.

I love Chicago. features Pulitzer Prize winning Mark Konkol  one of the very few authentic Chicago writers in the local media.  Along with John Kass, Steve Rhodes, Natasha Korecki, Dan Mihalopoulos, Steve Metsch, and Kate Grossman, Konkol respects the people who live in this city and not just the tonier denizens of  metro power-communities like Winnetka, Evanston, Hyde Park, Oak Park and Lakeview. The balance of the crew aboard this Chicago neighborhood news aggregater is pretty much solid - I especially like  Wendell Hudson ( Gresham etal) Casey Cora ( Canaryville and Erica Demerest ( Pilsen).  A very few ink-slingers give me the vapors and miseries, Lawd, Lawd!

One howler is the chap who covers Hyde Park - home of humorless Humanists and the prickly Progressive.  Hyde Park is a cool neighborhood with great dining and dancing, as well as intellectual jungle jims where coffee or beer can lubricate quality talk between persons who actually know something besides their place in the front of the line.

The neighborhood is not generally plagued with crime despite the disposable income available to ne'er-do - wells in the corduroy, or denim britches of both gender afoot. Rather the neighborhood is blemished with blow-hards who tend to be radical Progressives. Convicted Alderman Larry Bloom'd here and abouts until his two big-hearted meat hooks snagged some swag in between Larry's Rage Against the Machine landed Larry in Oxford Federal Pen. Toni Preckwinkle, Barbara Flynn-Currie, and,of course, Dr. Quentin Young the Guru of the Marxist Progressive Democrat sway enormous clout over the city, county, state and nation from this 'hood.

A tad north of Hyde Park is Kenwood kind of like Morgan Park is to Beverly in the real world.  In Kenwood resides President Obama's clout and chinaman - Bill Ayers, SDS/Weatherman Veteran/ Educational Ghost Payroller (Ret.)/ Commie Snake-Oil Shill and Cubana de Aviación frequent flier - he is even believed to have penned both of Barack H. Obama's autobiographies.  Bill Ayers - the Barney Google of Terror.This fatuous dope gets far too much attention and I only wish to point out the rather flawed work of a small cognomen in the Chicago wheel - Ted Cox - accent grave on the Ted.

Bill Ayers is the product of a powerful home chock full of money - cash, bonds, dividends, investments, trusts and I'll bet more gold coins than William Devane.  Ayers Pappy - Old Tom - was a Commonwealth Edison CEO and Chicago's utility, charity, civic and political, boards-man.  I know some revolutionaries and even a couple of devout Communists and they are sweet generous and self effacing people from whom one could expect the loan of a generator when Com Ed goes out.  Old Tom and his kid strike me as the types who call the cops on Trick 'R Treaters at the stroke of 6PM.  The real revolutionaries worked in Northern Ireland and Nicaragua and one never hears much about their guerrilla days.  Ayers never shuts up.  Covering this clown is Ted Cox.

International House at University of Chicago - has a seating capacity for 300-400 persons.  Bill is reported to have attracted 100, which in crowd reporting gets a bemused nod of 'Sure. . .sure.'  Ayers Zippo'd Kerry, Obama, Clinton and Henry Kissinger and dys-informed the gathering on Syria, Libya and Dylan.  Ted listened and filtered Chicago's Own Billy Ayers through . . .now, get this . . .James Thurber

The reading part of the evening, from "Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident," a sequel to his earlier "Fugitive Days" about his time underground with antiwar radicals the Weathermen, tended to be humorous, ironic and self-deprecating, as Ayers' writing also displays an air of whimsical imagination reminiscent of James Thurber.
Ayers writes of being in a seminar with his students in 2008 when they began watching the debate in which he was dragged into the campaign as a "domestic terrorist" who had supported Barack Obama in his early political ventures. One student turned to him and said, "Oh my God, that guy has the same name as yours."
Pokkatah, Pokkatah, pokka . . .What???  Whimsical Billy?  Whimsy is Ogden Nash.  Bill Ayers is a political sideshow and rhetorical chicken choker.  Ayers is a hillbilly grifter, so obvious in his dress, speech, deportment and pretensions ( Rilke?  Really?),  that he resembles the old cartoon-snake-oiler Barney Google. Even Slate hates Ayers books.

Beacon Press will publish Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident. It’s billed as a sequel to Fugitive Days, Ayers’ 2001 Weather Underground memoir, which at the time was the most “self-indulgent and morally clueless” memoir Slate’s Tim Noah had ever read. (This was several years before Eat Pray Love.) I liked Fugitive Days a little more than that, and Ayers was kind enough to sign a copy for me after some of my college friends and I annoyed him at one of the 2001 readings.

Fugitive Days and Ayers’ post-9/11 book tour were streaked with humility. Ayers had done something wrong, and he admitted it, but he did it for the right cause. Public Enemy, by contrast, is a memoir of score-settling, against a cast of extremely stupid (according to Ayers) critics. To hear Ayers tell it, since 2001 he’s been victimized and pilloried and misunderstood by a succession of idiots.
Guerrillas don't cry!  There's no crying in Bolivarista World Revolution!

Ted Cox finds the dope whimsical!   How about CCCP's own Thurber, Beria, Ted? What a scamp.   Now, that lad could kick up a swell Beriozka.  Ted is probably a pretty good guy, who just wants a neighbor to feel good.

Ted, Bill Ayers is a talentless, wealthy, but talentless dope hooked up for life to an odious hag of a cheerleader.  Now, she is dangerous.

Ted, Bernardine Dohrn is not whimsical. This is 

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