Tuesday, October 08, 2013

For Leo Lion Linebacker Terron " Mr. Touchdown" Bell - Here's the Song I Mentioned

The Soul Bowl Champions - In the Maroon Shirt and Tie is Scholar Athlete Terron 'Mr. Touchdown' Bell.  Old # 59 snagged a pass intended for a Hales Franciscan Spartan receiver and carried the ball into the end zone!

Terron Bell -5-7, 252 | 40: 5.48 | Class of 2014

They always call him Mr. Touchdown;
They always call him Mr. T.
He can run and he can throw;
Just give him the ball and look at him go!
Hip hip hooray for Mr. Touchdown;
He's gonna beat em today;
So, lets give a great big cheer
for the hero of the year;
It's Mr. Touchdown, USA**. 

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*This song was written for Chandos "Pete" Young. He was named Mr. Touchdown USA in 1933 when he scored 128 touchdowns playing for Bluefield College in WVA.

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