Saturday, October 05, 2013

I Am in a Wonderful Frame of Mind . . . For What It's Worth!

God is a good guy, to me anyway.

My son is taking his trade exam after a two year apprenticeship. My older daughter and her fiance closed on a house nearby. My youngest daughter is studying and working at Western Michigan.  Leo High School is gearing up at the school for today's Soul Bowl with Hales Franciscan and a continuation of a perfect season at both varsity and JV levels.

 I have Chet Baker playing and singing in the background.  My only worry concerns my lovely lady friend who is visiting family in New Orleans as a tropical storm is twisting near Big Easy.  God's a good guy.

This week at Leo High School I watched two young women really make an impact upon the tough but eminently fragile young men they teach.  Both women, a science and a math teacher, are at ease with their disciplines and the young bundle of hormones in front of them.  Our science teacher, a veteran of Maria High School, gives a vocabulary word of the day unrelated to biology, or chemistry.  You should hear 15, 16 and 17 year old African American,Mexican and Irish tough guys employ the new found words and their proper meanings in the hallowed halls long ago patrolled by quick belting Irish Christian Brothers - ' Mr. Hickey's evanescent hair reminds me of Fall!'  Friday's word flibbertigibbet dominated both lunch hours.

The young teacher, who bears my last name, teaches geometry like she has been in the trade for years and she is Mike Joyce's assistant boxing coach armed with ND Bengal Bouts seasoning the young lady handles her mitts well after school. In the classroom, the boys are learning because their teacher treats them like men.

Our guys come to school early and stay late.  We are making a difference and that makes me very proud.

Yep, God is a good guy who helps us work incrementally.  I can not wait to get over to Hales Franciscan for the Soul Bowl.  I know my great frame of mind is only going to improve. God gave us Chet Baker, after all.

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