Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary, Mother God and Abortion's Vale Tears Here

Today is an unmoveable feast. August 15th, like December 25th, is a set date and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.

President Obama assumes that folks believe a rodeo clown wants to kill him.  He also assumes* that ObamaCare will allow the government to erase religious beliefs that get in its way ( see Kathleen Sebilius).  Likewise, Obama assumes that the Muslim Brotherhood will turn into the Congressional Progressive Caucus by dint of Obama Fiat and red tresses of Samantha Power and fall asleep in fields of poppies like Dorothy and Toto and the Cowardly Lion. 

The Feast of the Dormition has been celebrated in the Catholic (East & West) Church from the earliest days of Christianity.  The Dormition means the 'the falling asleep' in Greek.  I included the concept in my novel a few years ago (chapter 44.) because the month coincided with the plot.  The Dormition of the Theokotos is celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Church to this day and is based upon early church writings presented in the narrative voice of the Apostle John attributing Mary's Assumption into Heaven without the decay of the human body.

In 1950, Pope Pius XII issued this belief as dogma for all Roman Catholics. "that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."  Mary died, but was Assumed to heaven without bodily decay.

Now, we know that the do ctrine of the Assumption is based upon apocryphal writings and ' has never asserted nor denied that its teaching is based on the apocryphal accounts.'   The slide-rule boys and post-Kantian egg-head Progressives howl scorn on such non-science. Assumption!

I believe that.  That Mary was Assumed to Heaven makes much more sense than same sex marriage.  Two guys are not going to consummate a marriage, but are going to have sex.

A consummated marriage is most likely to produce a child, not a fetus.  That stuff is biological science.

It makes more sense that the Virgin who gave birth to the Son of God was Assumed to Heaven after death, than it does to believe killing a child is health care.  A non-Catholic will not believe what I believe.  That is okay.  This is still a free country . . .for now.

Our government pays abortionists.  Our government sanctions same sex marriage.  I don't believe that has come to pass, but it most certainly is true.

It is as True to me as the Feast of Assumption.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinner and voters.

as·sume  /əˈso͞om/
Suppose to be the case, without proof: "afraid of what people are going to assume".
Take or begin to have (power or responsibility): "he assumed full responsibility for all organizational work".
suppose - presume - take

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