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Only Steve Rhodes' Beachwood Reporter Studies the Thug Dictator Lobby of Illinois

The REV- "Shakedown . . . I mean Shake Mr. President"

Auld Bob -"Rev - You had me at Shakedown!"
The REV -" Is this the Lobby?"
Auld Bob " No . . .The Liberry!"
"They called themselves the 'Chicago connection' and appeared confident that their contacts with Illinois politicians would help persuade newly elected President Barack Obama to lift longtime economic sanctions against leaders in Zimbabwe, according to federal charges unsealed Tuesday," the Tribune reports.
"The two, Prince Asiel Ben Israel and C. Gregory Turner, were charged with violating federal law by lobbying on behalf Zimbabwe's longtime president, Robert Mugabe, whose violent and oppressive regime has been the target of U.S. economic sanctions since 2003." Chicago Tribune via Steve Rhodes' Beachwood Reporter: By Steve Rhodes / Posted on August 7, 2013
 Bob Mugabe . . .
Dadirai was at home alone when Mugabe's thugs arrived. They descended on the woman, hacking off one of her feet and one of her arms, before setting fire to the dying woman in front of her house. "That was not isolated case," the shocked head of the delegation Marwick Khumalo said after his return to Harare.
It is part of a new strategy on the part of Mugabe's henchmen. Instead of just hunting MDC party officials, many of whom have gone underground, they are going after their family members as well. Last Monday, for example, they caught Abigal Chiroto, the 27-year-old wife of the newly elected MDC mayor of Harare, Emmanuel Chiroto, along with her four-year-old son. They set the house on fire and disappeared with the woman and child, before releasing the boy at a police station.
Abigal's body was found a few days later not far from her house. She still wore a blindfold and her body was so terribly battered that her brother-in-law could only identify her by her clothes and hair. Aus Dem Spiegel -By Jan Puhl and Toby Selander 2008

That was in 2008, the advent of Hope & Change Worldwide. In 2013, Old Bob Mugabe, at last glance, had exactly $ 217.00 in National Treasury of Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, named for Cecil Rhodes who was Diamond Digger who funded Rhodes Scholarships awarded to such luminaries as Rachel Maddow, Susan Rice and former Congressman Mel Reynolds. Old Bob Mugabe went from Jesuit seminarian to Black Liberation theologian to Marxist to Witchdoctor Thug Bandit Chief while amassing friendships with Rev. Jesse Jackson, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Brand Obama's Foreign Policy Wiz Susan Rice.

Here in Chicago, where Mikva's Hyde Park Mafia Embraces the West Side Vice Lords, the MacArthur Foundation, Billy Ayers and his odious Old Lady, Medill School of Journalism, the Center for Wrongful Convictions, South Shore Bank, WTTW, and both newspapers in one huge Global Hug of Progressive Coalition building, one might imagine that there might be some follow-thru on reports that Illinois Lobbyists for Old Bob Mugabe's Machete Coalition in Zimbabwe. . .  might, just might mind you. N.B. This terminal verbal,  dangling over the pavement was, for our friends of Welsh ancestry.

Old Bob is a color-blind thug and master of diversity in butchery, if not a wiz at accounting -

Children as young as eight are being beaten by Robert Mugabe's henchmen as he hunts down opposition supporters, it emerged yesterday.
White farmer Roy Bennet, an MP for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, told how three youngsters, aged eight to 12, were beaten by police trying to find out the whereabouts of their MDC-supporting parents.
In another incident, a magistrate was dragged from court, beaten and paraded through the streets.
Mr Bennet said: 'What is happening in Zimbabwe is not a white and black issue. It is an orchestrated attempt by the president to destroy the opposition. It is not land reform - it is the suppression of another view.'
Mr Bennet, who faces arrest for speaking out, said Zimbabwe was experiencing a level of ethnic cleansing 'not seen since Kosovo'. Opposition to Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party was being crushed by any means - from mutilation to starvation, he added.
Hundreds of Mugabe supporters ran riot yesterday in the eastern town of Chipinge, evicting white businessmen and looting their premises.
The violence came as it emerged that Mugabe's wife Grace had chosen the farm she wanted to take over.
She apparently marched on to the Iron Mask estate 30 miles from Harare last week and told the owners John and Eva Matthews, who are both in their 70s, to quit.
More than 90 white farmers, all charged with failing to leave their land, had their cases heard in courts. Among those given 24 hours to vacate their farms was Dennis Streak, father of Zimbabwe's cricket captain Heath Streak.
Here in Chicago, only Steve Rhodes ( no relation to Cecil) and his wonderful Beachwood Reporter has bothered to connect the Race-Grifters/Political Hypocrites/Feebs and Dummies  Coalition-

But here's the interesting part:
"According to the charges, Ben Israel and Turner attempted to persuade undisclosed federal and state government officials - including an Illinois state senator and two U.S. representatives from Chicago - to push for the lifting of the sanctions. The two reached a consulting agreement with Zimbabwe officials to be paid $3.4 million, authorities charged, but it was unclear whether they received any money."
So who was the state senator and who were the U.S. representatives?
"The 56-page criminal complaint described in detail how Ben Israel and Turner allegedly enlisted the support of a 'State Senator A,' who hoped that the election of Obama would cause the U.S. to take a fresh look at Zimbabwe.
"That same state senator wrote in a 2009 letter that he had made a 'commitment' to Mugabe and could use his leadership position with the National Black Caucus of State Legislators to organize a delegation to travel to Zimbabwe and fight for the removal of the sanctions, according to the complaint.
"Records show that state Sen. Donne Trotter, D-Chicago, chairs the international committee of that caucus. Efforts to reach Trotter were unsuccessful Tuesday. His attorney, Thomas Anthony Durkin, said he had not seen the complaint and had no comment.
"Ben Israel and Turner were successful in arranging for State Senator A and several other lawmakers to meet with Mugabe and other top Zimbabwean officials during several trips there in 2008 and 2009, according to the charges."
And the reps?
At least Steve Rhodes bothers to ask*.

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* Steve Rhodes and I loudly disagree with one another on many issues (Burge Mythology & etc.); however, Steve Rhodes has more integrity than the combined editorial boards of NBC, The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times.  

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