Thursday, June 30, 2011

Same Folks Who Buy Gender Neutral Probably Bought Pajama Jeans and a Hummer

Them ain't cowboy-boots, there Par'd! But, they will take you as far as Miss Kitty's Long-branch and all you might possibly dream!

John Kass beat me to the punch -sorry about the pugilist tropes this early.

Beat me like a four-fingered cousin from Scartaglen, staying with us until she gets her Green Card, because the Prendeville's in Ontario had no room for the poor homely thing.

Kass jumped all over the news about the Swedish Pre-School dedicated to gelding little boys and butching up little girls.

Gender neutrality is the ideal at Egalia, a Swedish preschool that made huge news recently. And it's the kind of news that makes American dads spew their oatmeal at breakfast.

"Society expects girls to be girly, nice and pretty, and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing," Jenny Johnsson, a 31-year-old Swedish teacher, said in an Associated Press story. "Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be."

I get it, girls shouldn't be nice and pretty. And boys must not be rough and outgoing. It's all laid out by relentlessly progressive experts and bureaucrats, aided by so-called gender pedagogues who hunt down gender differences and blot them out.

Unleashing the gender police on children to snuff out dangerous proclivities toward gender roles tells me one thing.

It tells me that Swedish bureaucrats don't have kids.

It tells me Brother John, if I may call you by that hirsute and sweaty appellation, that these morphadites rarely get out of the bureaucratic cubicle, much less get any such opportunity to pro-create.

The Swedish school will fly, for a while, because America has provided a surplus population of affluent nit-wits with the ready cash to buy Pajama Jeans, Hummers (ever watch a moron try to parallel park a Hummer around 31st & Princeton to avoid paying for White Sox Parking?), Keurig B3000 coffeemaker which lasts about six months, or the Home Juicers at $1,400 a pop. Disposable income and really dumb ideas, like Progressive politics, go hand-in-hand.

The gender neutral, we are all the same, meme is the coin of the realm of the laughable. The laughable are always dead-serious, The rest of us are just too damn polite to scream "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR $%^&ing MIND?" while hosing coffee and bottled water out of the old snot-locker at the latest presentation by Marque Ozzoro and Lotte Vuhlsheet at the recent CAPS, LSC, Altar and Rosary, or League of Women Bowlers meetings.

Let's get serious and start laughing at loud at these mopes. We have a sane world to restore and giggles be a great recuperative implement. John Kass' article is real kidney tickler.

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