Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leo Advisory Board Member Named to Top 30 Hottest ( Most Fetching -God I hate the term Hottest unless you are a 7th Grade Male) Political Women in USA

Leo High School added a wonderful young woman to its Advisory Board last school year - Attorney Tamara Holder, a Fox Television Legal Analyst, journalist and activist.

Prior to her arrival, the Leo Advisory Board consisted of African American and Irish American middle aged males - think of a collection of Cedric the Entertainer/John C. Reilly stand-ins.

Ms. Holder has worked for Operation Push and specializes in expungement/criminal law. More importantly Tamara Holder invests the few hours of her free time making sure that the young guys here on 79th Street get a great education.

Click my post title for the Washington Times's celebration of beautiful women with political impact.

Hottest, is just so . . .what's the word . . . rhymes with dip-stick. It'll come to me. Click my post title for the full story.

Tamara Holder is a beautiful woman and would be so even if she looked like Mike Holmes, Mike Joyce, Rich Finn, Bob Sheehy, Ken Mason, Curtis Cooper, John Linehan, Bill Holland, much less Jack Fitzgerald- beauty is in what you do for others -Facta Non Verba!

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