Friday, June 03, 2011

The Only Way a Republican Can Win The Presidency - Get Smart About Real Labor

Dorothy Rabinowitz has written very sober warning to any Republican with the tripes to run against Barack Obama in 2012. President Barack Obama has been a lousy President, in my opinion, but he is a very formidable politician with more money than he needs, and an adoring corporate media that has cashed in its integrity for investment in Green Energy Initiatives. Green Wall Street has gone the way of the Dodo bird, but engineering firms (they always seem to be Sierra Club members), lawyers, and venture capitalists - with heart-breaking sincerity and moral weltanschauungs continue to pump millions of dollars in the Obama 2012 Campaign in the hope of Cap'nTrading, stop oil drilling, kill coal, fund Rube Goldberg automotives, build windmills, and rake in some profits -all for a Greener Planet.

Ms. Rabinowitz writes,"The Republican who wins will have to know, and show that he knows, that most Americans aren't sitting around worried to death about big government—they're worried about jobs and what they have in savings."

Correcto! However, the GOP, especially in my home of Illinois, has a propensity for blowing its own toes off. In the last Illinois gubernatorial race, the GOP candidate Bill Brady used all of the rhetorical force that swept Democrats out of the Congressional House of Representatives in November and lost to Rod Blagojevich's Lt. Governor Pat Quinn. The GOP had only one candidate in the big field for governor who understood that all labor is not SEIU and that was Dan Proft. The tasseled loafer Illinois GOP refused to support Dan Proft and opted for small-business, pro-life, anti-union zealot Bill Brady.

Pat Quinn campaigned like a blue collar guy and now governs like a Trotskyite from Berkley. Bill Brady did all of the hot-button Tea Party razz-matazz and got himself beaten by Pat Quinn. Pat Quinn wrapped himself up as the savior of the working man. I voted for Quinn, God help me.

Pat Quinn was elected because the skilled trades and not radical leftists of SEIU got out front for Quinn. Brady blew his toes off by attacking unions -all unions. The GOP would not know a working man if the guy were three feet away fixing his toilet.

Public Service monster unions ate up labor in the last forty years with the rhetorical teeth of Marxist Andy Stern's One Big Union bullshit. Join Us or Die!

Sadly, too many skilled trade and industrial unions played ball with SEIU. However, SEIU is no friend of labor.

The GOP tags all unions as corrupt and evil - Stupid as well as false. Take a look at Wisconsin, while public service unions need to have the reigns tightened on them, Gov. Walker and the GOP managed to alienate blue collar trades people in the bargain. These are people who are doubly burdened by SEIU tax-aholic degenerates. They reap not the benefits that suck up tax dollars and are vilified and threatened by the GOP as well.

A Republican for President must get union smart and play fair with the American working man.

This candidate should spend a month or more with business agents, apprenticeship officers, and apprentices in some of the American industrial and skilled trades unions.

Go home with a young guy who is paying for his classes, working with journeyman, paying a mortgage, maybe even private school tuition and municipal, county, state and federal taxes that eclipse his income, before he pays out in pension, medical, grocery, utilities, and tries to top off the used car he drives to and from the job.

Take a look at what it costs out of pocket to earn a salary that is touted to be inflated by the very media that demands greater tax-burdens.

The GOP, in Illinois and across America, pays lip service to the memory of Ronald Reagan. Reagan won over blue-collar votes, because he took the time to understand blue collar values. The working man is not a fan of abortion for example. The tasseled loafer Republican, like Illinois' U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, is abortion friendly.

The Tea Party is not a right wing conspiracy, but a genuine national voice of frustration aimed at the pompous and smug voices that have hogged the pulpits and microphones for too long.

Barack Obama will win the White House again in 2012, unless some candidate has the tripes to learn about real American labor and give voice to their concerns. Attacking unions is stupid as well as incorrect.

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Elias Crim said...

Great post, brother Paddy. I don't see any smart Republicans out thereas yet and don't expect to hear any of them admit that working families have been completely hollowed out over the last 3 administrations. Whatever this blindness is, it ain't conserving what needs to be conserved.