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Footpads to Flash Mobs - Chicago's Diet of BS Made Media Morbidly Obese

This is how Mary Schmich of the Tribune wants Chicagoans to understand the nature of a beating meted out by a score or less of vigorous black youth. Just like the photo above, for all the readers in Lake County.

Flash Mobs is a cute name. It is an adorable way to describe the pummeling of victims by a score or less of hardy youths enjoying an outing in the Gold Coast, Streeterville, Northwestern Campus, River North, or even the Bean. Flash Mob is the latest Chicago Media serving of Blatant Sophistry (BS). PC is the Old Country Buffet of Blatant Sophistry.

Mary Schmich is copping the plea in this morning's Tribune: When a news story omits race, do we really know any less? Well, gosh yes, Mary! Where would the Lenard Clark beating by white thugs have gone without the sauce of race? Gee whiz.

As an editor pointed out when I asked about it, the crimes don't appear to be racially motivated. There's no sign the criminals picked victims because they were of a certain race. They picked them because they had certain stuff.

"People see it as a media conspiracy," he said of the decision to leave out their race. "It's a media quandary."

Here's the quandary, for editors, for cops, for all of us:

Race alone doesn't predict or explain behavior. Just because this mob was young and black hardly means that all young, black people in groups are a violent mob. Knowing the race of these attackers is no form of protection.

It is not a quandary for cops, Mary. They arrest people in the act of committing crimes, or via the eye-witness report of the victim. Leave the cops out of this. The Media have spun this - meme -"The rampant corruption, racism, and brutality of the Chicago Police have created this situation" Nope. Meme not working there, Mary.

Chicago's media is the Mickey D's of journalism with one or two exceptions. Blatant Sophistry is only one serving on the Political Correctness Nutritional Pyramid: Blatant Sophistry; Identity Politics; Group Think; and Secularism are the Four Food-for-Thoughtlessness Groups. At Mickey D's a tubby child can whale-out on Three Big Mac 'N Cheeses, Super-Sized Fries and a Mega Pop. In Chicago, one can read the Tribune, Sun Times, or watch Channels 2,5,7,9 and 11 and sate one's self with Noggin Larding news and opinion.

Flash Mobs are what Chicago paper hat journalists are calling squads of black kids doing a beat down on victims -usually 'goofy-looking' white folks, in the words of the early flash mob who nearly beat Ryan Rusch* to death at Beverly Park in 2007.

The Chicago Media helped create the climate, which I have called the Thug Comfort Zone in this blog, in which beneficiaries of 'identity/grievance/entitlement politics' feel very comfortable doing anything. Ironically, more black people have suffered to a greater degree than any other demographic. Black kids get shot, raped, beaten, set-afire, robbed, and force-fed insect repellent - anybody remember Ryan Harris and Little Girl X**? Thought not.

Instead, the Chicago media has done a rhetorical flash mob on law enforcement, the justice system, the courts and especially police officers as human beings.

Subsisting on a diet of BS is not good for people. Like Mickey D's gobblers, morbid obesity is the outcome - Fat Heads.

In 19th Century Chicago "footpads" were the flash mobs. They were gangs of jackrollers who beat and robbed victims. Back then the victims were drunks and fools wandering about the Levee. Today, a victim is usually . . .anybody. In the 19th Century, footpads were generally lazy, ignorant, unskilled, and savage wastes of DNA. Today, Chicago beat down artists ( Flash Mobbers)are identical to their Chicago antecedants. The only difference is that today, the PC Media interviews the mothers of the criminals for more heart-tugging BS calories.

There are BS free reporters and journalists. One of Chicago's best is Natasha Korecki who is so adept at fending off BS, that she covers the Blago Trial. Ms. Korecki is a solid reporter. She was a guest on WTTW's Weekin Review, last Friday.

Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun Times nearly had the panel on Chicago Week in Review hose capuccino through their schnozzes when she said that race was the key factor in the 'flash mob' phenomenon. Give it a look:

Watch the full episode. See more Chicago Tonight.

The diminutive eighth-grade student of St. John Fisher School had just left his cousin’s house and was walking through the park when the teens attacked him, hitting him on the head and kicking him. After Rusch fell, the teens continued to attack, leaving the bloodied Rusch in a seizure.

One of the juveniles later told police that they had attacked Rusch because he was a “goofy-looking white boy” – something that originally prompted police to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

**On January 9, Girl X was found raped, beaten and poisoned in the seventh-floor stairwell. She was unconscious and foaming at the mouth, her panties shoved down to her knees. Her T shirt had been used to strangle her, and gangster-style graffiti was scrawled on her abdomen in black ink. While the country focused on the case of another brutalized child--this one a privileged little beauty queen in Colorado--public outrage over the comatose Girl X was at first virtually nil.

0n a hot July afternoon in 1998 the mostly naked body of 11-year-old Ryan Harris was found in an isolated backyard in Englewood. She'd been missing for a day. Her face was battered and covered with blood, her mouth stuffed with a pair of underpants. A folded leaf was in each nostril.

Read more:,9171,985957,00.html#ixzz1OgVcQxyJ

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