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The Return(s) Of Valerie Jarrett - More Slum Properties for Middle Class Neighborhoods

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“The court order requires that we build sustainable communities that are economically integrated and that will lead to racial integration as well. That's how my grandfather's vision will be realized,” Jarrett says. Affordable Housing Finance 11/01/2008

Yep, Valerie Jarrett is circling this corpse of a city looking for tasty parts that have as yet gone to rot - Jefferson Park, Albany Park Morgan Park.  Parkway Manor has problems and folks neeed to find affordable housing away fro O-Block, Roseland and of course Englewood.

Valerie Jarrett is coming home, sort-of.  Ariel Capital Investments, where Daley socked millions of pension dollars owed to City workers, just announced the appointment of Valerie Jarrett to its board of directors.

Rahm's City Council provided the venue.

Chicago-based Ariel Investments is one firm that got a lift from the state's effort to direct pension dollars to minority-owned firms. It received its first million-dollar investment from the Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago in 1984 and today it manages $123 million for the pension. It also manages money for a number of other state and local pensions.

“Illinois is doing a terrific job in this area,” said Ariel Chairman, CEO and Founder John Rogers, noting just a few exceptions among local pension funds that “don't get it.”
Illinois could use some help from other states to advance the cause, Raoul said. “Illinois shouldn't carry that burden,” he said. “We're not the only diverse state in the country.” Crain's Chicago Business

This can only signal affordable housing clusters in neighborhoods where crime is low, property taxes are paid and elites do not own townhouses, greystones, or Bed and Breakfasts.

Neighborhoods where cops, firemen, CTA  & CPS employees, Streets and Sanitation workers live and raise families are being eyed-for such development.

One might think that the Chicago Media's Investigative Teams would be all over this boondoggle that runs from Obama's White House to our State Budget Mensa Team in both Houses in Springfield, with stops at City Hall and Hyde Park, might be worth a gander.

One might, if one were a silly goose.

Nope. The news media is in on it, Dopes.

Cops are not dopes, nor are they grifters.  Some are better writers than Sun Times purse puppies and Tribune ink-slinging lambikins.

Second City Cop directs us to the creeps setting the table for Val, Ariel and the elite-players.

In the meantime, Ed Burke used a procedural motion to temporarily stall the CHA project building Arena (and Rahm) is trying to bring into 016 to lead to the latest round of "block busting:"
A plan to demolish a vacant food distribution site in the heart of Jefferson Park and replace it with a storage facility and apartment complex failed Monday to win the support of the City Council's zoning committee.
Although the council typically defers to the alderman of each ward when it comes to matters of zoning, Ald. Edward Burke (14th) stepped in during what had already been hours of contentious testimony about the plan to build a five-story, 68-foot warehouse at 5150 N. Northwest Highway.
Burke demanded that a roll call vote be taken to determine whether enough members of the committee were present for a vote to be valid. When it became clear that there was not enough members of the committee still present for the seventh hour of the meeting, the session was adjourned — much to the delight of opponents of the development.
No idea what pressure was brought to bear on Burke for this action - he doesn't seem to care that often. Perhaps he saw the north side going renegade and voting republican for generations instead of kowtowing to the Machine.
More drama next month.

Make book on it. That middle aged buzzard Valerie Jarrett does not wing into town for snacks; she's ready for a feed.

By the way NEIU is giving Val and Honorary Degree up there in North Park. Nice neighborhood.  Get ready for some swell affordable housing! This will be a scouting trip.

No Chicago paper will cover this - read Second City Cop.

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