Saturday, April 01, 2017

These Babes Will Do Whatever I Want - for money

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Got an e-mail last week: the Headline " We Miss You! Call Us!"

The breath went out of me, my palms itched and I knew the phone would be next.

I did and did not use the 800 number, but the direct ( 708 ) 422-@##$. Shameless.

" Hi, Pat!  You dirty boy.  What do want?  Oh, I know what you want and we will do it in all three bedrooms.  You dirty? . . .   Thought so, Friday?  . . .  Sure we are do-able. Very do-able, Pat. Do you want the same four girls?  Fine.  I wish I could be with you, but I am handling so many filthy people . . .I shouldn't. You are the dirtiest, boy.  See you Friday."

Thus ended the latest tantric intoxication of female vocal phone service; that would hold me until Friday.

I am not what God made me, but what I have made of myself.  God made me better.  In HIS' image and likeness' and not wallowing weakling confessing his latest slip. I am weak. Unlike better men with more of the Thomas Merton to them, I could get a handle on things myself, but I am so needy for - the softer hands of others.  The hands of women is what I really need.

Women see, smell and feel what we males never recognize and try to get along in life clinging to our stoic virtue, or falling ever more deeply into the baser, self-absorbed neglect - bordering on abuse.

Two months have gone by without the feminine services of this quartet of beautiful, thoughtful and exacting professionals.

I have been without for so long.

Pity the widow man.

Friday has come and gone and so have the women who charged me $130.00 for one hour of their services.  Yes, I was a dirty boy.  Dirty 64 year old widow boy and they put me right.

Until I need them again.
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God help me,  I love the Maids of Oak Lawn!

Maids of Oak Lawn
5530 W 110th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Phone: (708) 422-2176
Hours: Closed today

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