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You Must Punch a Bully, But It Is Stupid to Move-into His House -Policy Lessons from George Smith

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A wonderful black man who worked security at Orchestra Hall in the late 1960's and early 1970's,  where I worked as a janitor ( Local 25), told me, " You can not change people.  You can punch a punk in the mouth and then you had better put some shoe tips in his ribs and kidneys, until he understands your point of view and then be sure to repeat the process every time he waves at you from across the street -"Hi, George!'  Oh, yeah 'Hi, Mother@#$%er!' punch kick and slap. He'll behave.  Mmmmhmmm.  But you can not change people."
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George Smith was a philosopher-king*.

His words have stayed with me.  Do not be a man violence, unless you make your point very, very clear.

The important lesson is that people will never change.  They will modify their behavior, avoid punishment, seek calmer waters, but never change.

Assad, Putin, Kim Jong Un and every Jihadist waving a Kalashnikov and shooting a woman in back of the head, or driving a beer truck into a Swedish Nordstroms will never change.

Moving into the house with a louse to make him change his evil ways is as stupid as . . .sending American soldiers into Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, or over the 38th Parallel.

President Trump ordered a spirited response to the chinless Monster of Syria's gassing of his neighbors.

He painted no "RED LINE" with Obama's Super Invisible Ink.

President Trump went all George Smith on Syria.  Putin got the message and so did the thugs around the North Korean Fat boy. They understand what 'incoming rounds' mean.  Do they ever! After all, Kim Jong Un has used NKPA generals and his own kin for 80 mm mortar practice.

America has the best military hardware and hard-men.  American warriors know how to apply shoe tips to ribs and kidneys. They get it, kick the crumbs to the curb, stomp if necessary and come home. Mission Accomplished!  Without sending more and more American kids into harm's way.

Had GW Bush some sand in his craw, each and every person involved in 9/11 would have ( and most certainly could have) had a 9mm shot through the noggin.  End of story. But greedy pigs wanted regime change and new markets in Fallujah.

I believe that regime change will take place and without the help of Senators Graham and McCain - the the Aunt Cyp and Uncle Sap of Endless Wars,

President Trump needs to listen to the very good people that helped him win the White House.

Assad is a world wide pain in the ass. Putin knows it. A couple of more Tomahawks in the right places and Vlad the Bad will send the lads of Spetsnaz calling on the lanky gump, Bashir Assad, for  his Global Valediction.  Likewise, the guys with the over sized garrison caps around Kim Jong Un will take tubby out to the artillery range for some close-up and exciting pyrotechnics.

George Smith understood foreign and domestic policy - take care of a punk on the street and come home to a happy house.

* George  once made the CEO of a major Chicago company grab some floor, when the oligarch used his key to the Cliff Dwellers long after hours.  " What's a burglar want with the Cliff Dwellers at this late hour?"

I will not say which concern, nor who accompanied the figure reported frequently in Kup's Column, out of respect for the man's family.  One never knows, do one?

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