Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sun Times is Rahm's Gunga Din; Also, Carries Water for United Airlines

" If there is a void, people fill it." Oscar Munoz Unite Airlines CEO Feb. 28, 2017

"The question for both Chicago’s hometown airline and city leaders was ‘Did the apologies come too little, too late?’
United risks a backlash from passengers who could boycott the airline as the busy summer travel season is about to begin. For Chicago , which has become known internationally for violence and police-corruption problems — took beatings on social media."  The Sun Times Water Team: Lynn Sweet, Fran Spielman et al

Violence for sure.  The lean Sun Times and the flabby Chicago Tribune both use the anthropomorphic - gun violence, when thugs kill people and Police shooting when a law enforcement officer employs deadly  force.

Police Corruption?  Captains on the pad?  Free stuff for the Fuzz at Rakan's Dollar and Up?  Real Serpico-Type mischief by Blue Miscreants?

Really?  Detail all those police corruption cases for me.

Let's see:

  • Back in 2009  four cops were indicted for stealing drugs and cash from dope dealers.
  • Last year two narcotics cops, schooled by Jamie Kalven a friend of the Sun Times, charged that the Department was corrupt, but nothing came of that
  • Mayor Emanuel tucked away the Laqaun McDonald video
  • No cops have ever been convicted of torture these last forty years
So, police corruption must be an portmanteau synonym for City Hall Corruption.

Then, United: The Airline that stuffs human beings into aluminum casing like a Bobak's sausage and then ejects paid customers from the seats they purchase, in good faith, to fly the Friendly Skies, sic'd the Chicago Aviation Police on 69 year old grandpa.

Yesterday the Sun Times went all black bag on the good Doctor, papering the issue with salacious morsels from Grandpa's past and smearing the man who is the victim of United's Corporate greed.  

The root problem is corporate greed nourished in a corporatist global city ( Chicago Banana Republic)  and the viral video of ancient Doc being bumped and bloodied by Rahm's corporate bouncers is but the symptom.

The supine media's role is guardian of this corrupt incubator.

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