Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Killing a Rotter - The Title of Bill O'Reilly's Last Book?

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"Rotter is a beautiful word because - to me - it sums up a particular type of person who's a middle-aged untrustworthy cad. I think of the actor Terry-Thomas, someone with a pencil moustache and brilliantine hair who will pick your pocket while smiling." BBC slang historian Tony Thorne
O'Reilly has had tremendous run,” Drudge


I watch Fox News at 5 P.M. CST.  Brett Baeir is the best news anchor since Frank Reynolds.Image result for frank reynolds abc news

I appreciate the nice looking girls who dominate Fox News and they get less than a glance from me,  as I am  over sixty, been a widower for over a decade, raised two lovely daughters and a son who treats women like he did his mother and welcomed a granddaughter to clan Hickey in February.

I worship women and know the difference between Megyn Kelly and Camille Paglia.  I read Camille Paglia as I have for more than thirty years and have yet to glance at a review of Ms. Kelly's Settle for More.  I do, Ms. Kelly.  I do.

Barbara Tuchman is more. Eudora Welty is more.  Edna Ferber is more.  George Eliot is more. Camille Paglia is way more.

Why settle for less?Image result for vanity car

Dopes do all the time.  They order Fifty Shades of Grey when they could read A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century.  They order Nutri-System, when they could learn to make wholesome meals.  Old dopes settle for their ego, a thick wallet and all that it can buy, or the vanity of human wishes. They buy them vanity wheels, with the savings from hiding assets in an ugly divorce, as well as gallon jugs of little blue pills, when Mr. Johnson goes on the fritz,

Old guys drooling over hot babes is the gateway to porn addiction, Lads.  Worse, Old Guys using their power and position to force their wicked ways on toothsome young ladies is, was and always shall be loathsome - be they sporting silk bathrobes, academic gowns or corporate gray worsted wool.

Decrepit debauchers and reprobate Romeos deserve equal revulsion - Bills Cosby and O'Reilly.

O'Reilly I know of, due to public opinion and a brief sampling of his schtick ten years ago, which was about as enriching and enjoyable as being handcuffed for days in an old AT&T phone booth to a blacked out drunk, marinated in Wild Irish Rose since the Clinton Adminstration, with irritable bowel syndrome.

My O'Reilly awareness is only due to commercial breaks on FOX touting the latest in his series of KILLING books - Jesus, Kennedy, Robert Hall, Earl Scheib and the Kingston Trio and the American news media.  Fox News buys up tones of copies and Bill-O gets a positive rank on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  Try and read one.  Go ahead! I dare you.

I understand Mr. O'Reilly (aka Martin Dugard) is having trouble with some young women and it appears that his star is in rapid descent - 'They mount, they shine, evaporate and fall!'  Do they not. O'Reilly's career seems to be falling apart, like a Robert Hall suit.

Well, he had himself a fine old time.  Now, the world might be saved from having its tired old ears pounded about Bill O'Reilly's latest KILLING Book.  Might it be titled, Killing Me?

No.  Vain clowns use the third person when discussing themselves. Vain clowns force themselves on younger women. Rotters manage to succeed and expect to get away with it.

Killing a Rotter - the Bill O'Reilly Story serves nicely.


priscilla said...

Your words are delicious! Where have you been all my life?! I can't soak up your poetry fast enough. Christ, you're gooood!!!

pathickey said...

Aww, shucks.