Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sun Times Editorial Board Tries to Influence Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Run-Off Election

Image result for Sun Times 2008 front page west side riot photo of chicago cop bring it on

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has referred to city workers as neighborhood “anchors,” saying they are critical to the vibrancy of the city. Former Mayor Richard M. Daley, speaking more practically, used to warn the city could lose a large share of its middle class if the residency requirement were lifted. . . . For everybody else, as cops like to say, rules are rules. Sun Times

The only proper reply to such smarmy hypocrisy is " bite me."  Usually I am much more verbally adept, glib, and such but Sun Times has wowed me with this one.  Quoting from our Globalist Red China and Russian trade partner and University of Chicago don, Mayor Mumbles, takes the brie.

Today's screed is less about fairness than usual; it is about influencing the Fraternal Order of Police election run-off.

No paper has done more to drive a wedge between Chicago citizens and the Chicago Police officers who risk life, limb and personal reputation every time they answer roll call than the Chicago Sun Times.

From Mark Brown's "bring it on" editorializing a front page photo implying that a police officer was egging on already active West Side  rioters in 2008, to the Watchdogs' media lynching of a cop for the past month, to Andy Grimm's 'investigation' of a property owner who wears a badge, to this morning's Editorial Board's Harrumph of their 'phony baloney jobs,'  the Sun Times is the defender of the Chicago oligarchy.

Forrest Claypool could roll a crippled blind girl selling Girl Scout cookies at State and Madison and Tom Frisbie would mew, "Ever the Reformist, Claypool put an end to this Thin Mint hustler's hawking."  If a cop helped three little girls in Englewood, he would be violating their right to privacy.

The FOP is at a cross-roads.  The current leadership seems to do more to aid the comfortable and afflict the general membership, than it does to call out the hypocrisies and blatant corruption of City and County leadership.

The Sun Times has always nuzzled the rumps at City Hall more than it has sunk the fangs of a Tim Novak into the keisters of Rahm or Dame Preckwinkle.

I don't have a vote. I am not a cop.  I honor their work and am appalled by their treatment in the Chicago Media, so wrapped up with the people who created Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone ( Marxist lawyers, race baiting pastors and the University centered and funded Wrongful America Industry.

A vitalized FOP would be burr under the saddle of the comfortable oligarchs making millions off of the shrinking Chicago middle class and that could mean tougher access to weasels for Fran Spielman and Michael Sneed, doncha know?

This must stop.  Stop buying these rags.  Read The Second City Cop

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