Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Father Mallette Picked Up the Check - “give without expecting anything back.”

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Father Dan Mallette greets Mike Joyce :“Great souls by instinct to each other turn, Demand alliance, and in friendship burn.”
―Joseph Addison

The world lost another great priest.  A few years ago we lost Francis Cardinal George*.  This Sunday, at Little Company of Mary Hospital, Father Dan Mallette went home to Christ.

There is a very nice story in the Chicago Sun Times giving people a hint of what the man was like in life, but that is like hearing about child birth.

Fr. Dan Mallette had fore-arms like Popeye and the deeply chiseled face of a tough guy that could do tribute to mankind on Easter Island.

At Mass, the Body and Blood of Christ was offered as the very real Presence of the redemptive Crucifixion and not some three-ring circus of self-congratulatory rhetoric. The Eucharist was about Christ in the lives of people and not about Dan Mallette.

Christ gave all and that made sense to Father Mallette.  He recognized no enemies.

Every moment with Father Mallette was sermon.

Imagine being at Franconello's, where you had just treated your family to big Italian feast.  You reach for your wallet and realize it is five blocks away on your dresser.  You are embarassed. anxious and worried that a great night will be spoiled by your mistake.

Marcia arrives; not with your bill, but with a message.

" Father Mallette, paid your bill!  He wanted you all to love one another, Oh, and I got a huge tip, already."

* Take the story of tensions between Cardinal George and Father Dan with a huge chunk of salt - the the press feared and hated Cardinal George for the very same reasons it praises Father Mallette.

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