Monday, August 24, 2015

The Chicago Tribune's Complete Blackout of Aurora Planned Parenthood Protest is Another Disgrace by Print News

Last Saturday, August 22, 2015, while I was enjoying myself at the Leo High School Black and Orange Football Kickoff, thousands ( yes, that is correct) thousands of good people protested the massive, fortress -like Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora, Illinois.

This Planned Parenthood abortion mill looks like a blockhouse protected by God's seedlings - trees ironically called the 'tree of life' in its Latin cognomen. Now, these are tall poplar type trees.  Ask a Tribune investigative reporter what the actual name of the tree happens to be.  I know, but I'd rather you ask a Tribune story hound.  Warts will vanish quicker than you will get a response.

You, see is a huge story here and the Chicago Tribune editorial board is run by Bruce Dold and Bruce Dold likes to have mealy mouthed politicians think well of him,  Tribune reader be damned.  This story has roots and limbs and all sorts of living and breathing components, just like the human beings that Planned Parenthood slaughters daily,  Bruce Dold wants this story hidden in the Tribune's 'News Womb"' with the factual umbilical snug around the neck.

This protest is linked to the national outrage over the release of the Planned Parenthood videos, but there is so much more going on in Aurora, Illinois local government and its role in doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood.

The Chicago Tribune ignores a hot story about the dicey manner in which Aurora government officials grease the way for this Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill's development an construction.

This Abortion Mill in Aurora is on thin legal ice.

No Tribune ink-slinger will tell you why, because no Tribune ink-slinger will get the task of asking any questions.

I read John Kass on-line and with Face Book.  John Kass is a heroic enemy of the American Holocaust. There are other great sources of accurate information on this national disgrace smeared with political grease paint, just like Ms. Richards and other Prada drapped dowagers of death.

A nurse from Oak Lawn who has had a Terry Cosgrove, Illinois Personal PAC, Dick Durbin and Eric Zorn pinned to her back for decades tells the accurate story. Read Jill Stanek.and turn to the sports coverage in the two rags that pass for Chicago news daily papers.

As to the Sun Times, I read only articles by Dan Mihalopoulos, Tim Novak and the estimable Natasha Korecki and the sports pages.  They stopped being anything other than Cook County PR sheet years ago.

There is a TOTAL news black out of Saturday's Planned Parenthood protest in Aurora. The Chicago Tribune editorial board is so completely wired into the murderous dowagers who support Planned Parenthood ( Personal PAC Illinois) that there is ZERO mention of this protest in Chicago Tribune on line's front page. The myth that the print media is the only 'real news' and that anywhere else one only obtains dubious reports is no longer' a dog that won't hunt' but dog of an idea that is deader than innocents slaughtered by Cecile Richards, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin and the mealy mouthed Tribune's Bruce Dold.

Bruce Dold - at least admit you will never take up the cause of the innocents.

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