Thursday, August 06, 2015

Tonight's 2016 GOP Presidential Debate - Suicide is Painless

I expect tonight's GOP Presidential Candidate Debate for the 2016 Run for Office to look like the mass suicide cave scene from Clint Eastwood's brilliant Letters from Iwo Jima.

The ten candidates who made the FOX NEWS cut will have a golden opportunity to commit the Dutch Act before the largest expected audience in history.

They will not need CNN's John King, or PBS's Gwen Ifil to play gottcha; in fact, it will be a comfortable setting for the Party that always manages to blow off its own toes to self-destruct. The theme music from the 1969 movie M.A.S.H. would be a deft touch. 

Donald Trump will win the debate, not because he is the best candidate, but because he is the biggest loser on the stage and all of the other in-the-tank media outlets will glory in his oafish swinishness and place the debate laurels deeply upon his Hair Club for Men noggin.

This may also be the shark that FOX News has yet to bound over. 

Ruminams et sobrii civis cavete! 

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