Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toni "The Crypt-Keeper" Preckwinkle Oozes "Controveries" Our Complicit Media Glides Upon and Over and Out!

To Chicago Media ( i.e.agenda-hand-cuffed editorial boards and columnists who try to be someone) types Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is a genuine reformer and smarter than . . .almost as smart as Carol Marin.  That is  Chicago's Complicit Media doctrine with Abner Mikva and the ghost of not only Woody Guthrie, but Saul Alinsky's stamp of approval.

N.B. Chicago's Complicit Media does not include any of the hard working reporters who actually do wonderful, intelligent, gritty and tenacious work. Reports and some columnists like John Kass, Mark Brown, and Steve Huntley tend to be helots like all of us. Real reporters and columnists are not D-List Nick Von Hoffmans. They are Ray Coffeys - they tell the story. Like cops, foremen, teachers, nurses, cabbies and carpenters, they are doing a job.  CCM controls the public pulpit.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle | Sun-Times Medifiles

That said, if there is a tear shed upon reading one's Property Taxes, a prick of pain in the rump when finding Dept. of Revenue Meter Maid posting a ticket on your windscreen even you parked at a lawful un-yellowed curb sans a Meter Box and no Tow Zone Signs, or erupt like Pompeii in your britches with the realization that Red Light Camera's will shortly phalanx Western Ave. like Myrmidons,  or CTA Ventra Cards Come Sporting Bombardier Red Line Wheels What Don't Fit, you can and may attribute those irritations to  Chicago's Complicit Media -CCM and the fine pass-along political players they endorse, protect and feed.

Reporters report the news and the best columnists present both side of an issue.

The Chicago Sun Times' Dan Mihalopoulos reports

 Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has fired a top county ethics official who was trying to punish Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios for putting relatives on his payroll.
MaryNic Foster was quietly dumped from her $110,355-a-year post in May after five years as executive director of the county’s Board of Ethics.
Now, lookee, here, Dan!  Toni fired a Goo-Go?
With Preckwinkle’s support, the ethics board had hired attorney David Hoffman, the former City of Chicago inspector general, earlier this year to press its case that Berrios should pay $10,000 in fines and fire three family members.
Berrios, who also chairs the Cook County Democratic Party, has ignored ethics board rulings against him. He maintains that the county’s ethics rules apply only to the Cook County Board, not to the assessor or other countywide officials whose positions were established by the state of Illinois.
Foster said top aides to Preckwinkle didn’t give her a reason for removing her from the post she’s held since 2008 — a job that’s exempt from rules that ban political considerations from influencing county hiring or firing decisions. 

Now, that does sound familiar - The Morgue Lady, Underlings who disagreed with the Old Crypt Keeper on Supreme Court  candidates ( BTB they did not back the loser as CCPresident herself did) , the Cook County Comptroller, Whistleblowers of every stripe, or Orange jumpsuit

However this time Toni is merely 'replacing Ms. Foster with CCM darling David Hoffman - kind of an Eddie Munster playing Forrest Claypool.  Hoffman was all the rage in the waning days of King Richie, Distinguished Professor of the Grift at the University of Chicago.

There's chatter about Toni "The Crypt-keeper's" next bounce up the political food-chain - Mayor? Governor? Senator? President of the United States?  Dare I say it?  Metra, no . . .Out-going Metra Chair Madame??????

Personally, I do not believe that Toni Preckwinkle has managed to one thing that helped p

Toni Preckwinkle is a pass-along political person, who gets elected by dint of CCM protection with the full blessing of Pope Mikva's Hyde Park Vatican.

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