Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Religion - Grifters in Soros Paradise

(Dr. Paul Alexander describes "Che Guevara Jesus' third way." Credit: IRD)

Some feather-brained theologians equate Jesus with Che Guevara or a Scalp-hunting frontiersman.  Many more Chicago news media members tell only part of a story in order to fall in line behind editorial boards.

Jesus as I recall was Jewish preacher with Pharisaic tendencies who ran afoul of the Sadducees, King Herod, and Roman Procurator for Judea Pontius Pilate, was scourged, crucified and buried in a cave.  Then He rose from the dead and appeared to many contemporary eye-witnesses performed post mortem miracles and ascended to Heaven and a few weeks later, the Holy Spirit appeared to confirm the Triune God after that people of all races, incomes and proclivities took vows attesting to His Being - as Son of God.

From the late 1950's up to now, over-educated stiffs and well-heeled grifters decided to do to theology, in particular Christianity, what they have managed to do to government, entertainment and education.  The other day I read about a Progressive Evangelical workshop for the New Evangelicals for Socialism.  Here's a taste -
 Although historically justice has been understood differently, from “sevenfold retribution … where if someone hits you on the cheek you slit their throat … [resulting in] spiraling violence,” to “one for one kind of retribution,” Alexander stated Jesus brought a new “revolutionary” way as the “Che Guevara Jesus, the nonviolent revolutionary Jesus.”  This Jesus, as opposed to the “Colonial Settler Jesus” Alexander joked he asked into his heart at a young age, advocated “turning the cheek of equality, turning the cheek of respect, staying engaged in the conflict and in the problem and working toward hopefully transformation and a solution.”
He concluded: “I’m hoping that the next … few decades, the next few years, already starting that the European North American lighter pigmented folks that are this way because we live further from the equator and create the color hierarchies … that we can listen to and learn from the churches around the world … Skin pigment being a tie to privilege is a serious problem. Amen?”
Nah.   Historically justice has been understood differently, just as anything is understood differently by one whose cultural context is limited to Ward Churchill.  Che-sus of Nazareth?  Dan'l Boone of Bethlehem?

Evangelicals for Social Action are the Soros funded catchers mitt of the indigenous peoples seeking liberty in America from South and Central America and of course Mexico.  Like other quasi religious Political Action Networks funded by the beetle browed Bolshevik George Soros man and God are but one fabric in the quilt that is the Soros grift- academic freedom, political reform, eugenics, abortion, gay marriage, race and poverty as well. Interestingly, all of Soros mini-PACS come in exactly the same format as and Organizing for America.

Today in the Chicago Sun Times,  a Soros news feed was slipped on the desk of Francine Knowles for a hit piece on Cardinal George.

The source of the story is a Soros Funded PAC called Faithful America - The beef du jour stems from a petition generated by the Soros operation for  Be All -in For Gay Marriage Faithful America demanding that Cardinal George refrain from saying Mass today at a conference for Gay Catholics at St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein - owned and operated by Cardinal George.

But Michael Sherrard, executive director of Faithful America, which launched the petition drive, contends “priests and therapists will be trained in dangerous and debunked techniques that don’t cure homosexuality but do contribute to suicide and depression.”
He added, “By appearing at this conference and celebrating mass there, Cardinal George is implicitly endorsing practices that cost the lives of gay and lesbian youth.”
George responded in an email: “Courage is an organization of homosexually-oriented Catholics who support one another in their quest for holiness as homosexuals. I haven’t seen their program, but their literature speaks only of spirituality, not of therapy.
“When national Catholic organizations meet, the local Bishop is often asked to offer Mass for them. That’s the only reason I’ll be there. (It’s called loving your neighbor.)”
Faithful America's mission statement says " Love They Neighbor, No Exceptions,"  yet its members like and Organizing for American have ready made comment trolls to bash the likes of Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal George and Catholics in general. Ms. Knowles dug deeply to unearth all of persons and organization deemed objectionable to Faithful America, but offered absolutely no information about Faithful America in words or deed.

This is bad reporting at best or most likely a very slanted editorial piece without the courage of conviction.

The Sun Times has very good reporters, and a ditsy editorial board and just plain in-the tank columnists with the exceptions of Steve Huntley and Mark Brown.  

The goofs get passed off as sober and thoughtful petitioners.  They must have an image of a John Gielgud Jesus - old John was as Gay as Christmas.

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