Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sorry, Mr. President; My Calendar is Jammed With Open Dates and Ward Bond Month May Be on TCM

I just opened this warm e-mail from President Barack Obama

Friend --

I'm writing to invite you to dinner.

If that sounds familiar, it's because we've done this before.
I've asked the campaign to organize small, five-person dinners
with supporters like you as a regular thing.

These dinners are important to me. Not just because they help
me stay connected to supporters like you who are doing the hard
work of building this campaign, but because they set us apart.

No matter what our opponents do over the next 14 months, we
have chosen to put people at the heart of our campaign -- and
we're focused on building it one grassroots donation at a time.

I'm asking you to make one today.

Will you donate $40 or more today to be automatically entered
for a chance to join me for dinner?

I read a few letters every day from the many that come to the
White House. Those personal connections with the people who
put me here drive me and remind me why I set out to do this job
in the first place.

Our focus on everyday Americans and their stories has always
made our organization more than just a political campaign.

From the very beginning, we've set out to practice a different kind
of politics -- proving that we don't need checks from Washington
lobbyists or unlimited special-interest money to win an election.

That's why I'm asking you to step up and donate today. When you
do, you'll be automatically entered to win a place at dinner:

Maybe I'll get to thank you in person.Barack

Well, I am flattered, Mr. President, but must decline. My calendar is filled with open dates, but I would not wish to pencil in a square in the expectation that my two Jacksons would secure a dinner date before 2012. You see, if I sent in the two double-sawbucks and let's say I was chosen, the date might fall in a month determined by Turner Classic Movies as Ward Bond Month.

That would put me in the awkward position of declining the opportunity to break bread with our 44th President. Ward Bond trumps dinner with you Sir, I am very sorry to say. Though I am sure that the tucker and vittles would be something else, Man does not live upon bread alone - Ward Bond is another matter.

You have a reputation for soaring rhetoric, Sir, but I do not think you can match this pitch -

Good luck getting $ 40.00. The possibility of a month of 224 Ward Bond movies and features on TCM eclipses any possible time with you, Mr. President.


Pat Hickey

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