Friday, September 23, 2011

Alluring is Attractive - Skanky is Repellant: Feminism Gave Us the Skank

Males are not at all like Women. Equality? Equality should not mean whatever any androgynous subjectivist mouth-foamer demands it to be - " as you like it ,there, Titillian Transgender. By the way you have some bits of SlimJim betwen your teeth,"

Knock yourself out! Freedom to be woman is not license to be a skank, or another man.

Guys that are free with their tongues, where I come from anyway, tend to gum their food.

Freedom has always been a gift of God to us. We are free not to act like dogs and later justify promiscuity with an article by some alphabetted clown from Playboy or Cosmo.

Nevertheless, I am delighted by the signage on Expressways all over this great Metropolitan area touting the upcoming TV Show Pan Am. This series, like other 'return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear' Madmen presents well-dressed and cleaned up human beings as the standard for sexy.
As the philosophically hirsute trio ZZ Top teaches us all 'Every Girl Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man!' So it is with, what I call, the Superior Gender. Nicely groomed and fashionably turned-out women are better than a Sunrise with Butterflies.

Playboy Bunnies and Stewardesses are back. Guys who wear suits and hats are back.

Clothes make not the person, but sure can tell us much about that person. I have Leo sweatshirts, T-shirts and gym shorts aplenty, but I would never wear those items to a dinner with an elegant and beautiful woman at Les Nomades. Entitled third tier movie stars can afford to act like dopes and arrive unshaven and dressed like Harry Potter on Hillbilly Heroin. People with the stamp of dignity burned into them by years of accomplishment and attention to other people have no such luxury.

Since the bra-burning harpies and their Tongue-studded, Tattooed sisters have donned everything from Meat to a Sneer, males continued to seek out beauty in days gone by. Alluring women do not dress like Andy Devine, nor do they spew foul Saxonisms like a vodka marinated whackjob. Nor do they allow foul-mouthed loutish males to verbally pollute their spaces. Sexy women finish conversations with louts in cold measures and colder glances -' I find your language as disgusting as your sense of fashion. Please, annoy the woman at the end of bar who is vomiting-up her Cosmo dinner. Yes, the one with tattoo on each breast saying, "Look" and "Lap." Goodbye."

Nothing is sexier than finely accoutered woman giving a slob the verbal kick to the curb.

I do not believe that I will watch Pan Am, but do hope that adolescent males aging 12-45 take in this show. They have feasted on MTV and HBO versions of women on Jersey Shore and Entourage. There is nothing sexier than woman who is centered, moral, smart and presents herself like a woman.

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