Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Captain's Pre-Reminiscence: The Brain Mutinies

"Pass this Bill!"

I know that folks sometimes think they've used up the benefit of the doubt but I'm an eternal optimist,I believe if you just stay at it long enough, after they've exhausted all the other options, folks do the right thing."
President Obama

This is the captain speaking. Some misguided sailors on this ship still think they can pull a fast one on me. Well, they're very much mistaken. Since you've taken this course, the innocent will be punished with the guilty.. . . I will not be made a fool of! Do you hear me?

Lt. Commander Phillip Francis Queeg

Huge Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers!

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". . .I’m going to be judged by whether we have stayed focused on making sure that this economy is moving in the right direction. And like the captain of a ship in a storm, you know, when the ship is rocking and people are getting hurt, they’re not going to be happy, no matter how good the captain’s doing. Now, my hope is that when we are on the other side of it, folks will look back and say, “You know, he wasn’t a bad captain of the ship.” What I tell everybody I meet whether they voted for me or they didn’t is, “This country always gets through these storms. We always right the ship. And we will this time as well.”

Sail on, Oh, Ship of State.

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