Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mitt Romney's Hit to the Fence

Bendix was The Babe and Mitt played both last night!

I believe that people generally come to look like what they do for a living. English teachers look like English teachers; cops, cops; firemen, like smoke eaters; plumbers, like neurosurgeons.

Mitt Romney looks like a movie star, from the 1950's. Another star of that by-gone era, was William Bendix. Bendix could play a cab driver, a sailor, a cop, a stagecoach driver, a mob enforcer, a priest, or Babe Ruth. Mitt Romney would have been type-cast as jilted-lover, a playboy, the executive officer of a destroyer hunting a Nazi sub, the co-pilot of a Pan Am flight in a storm, or a movie star in a movie about Hollywood. Babe Ruth?

Newt Gingrich looked like Cliff Arquette, the Old Charlie Weaver character

Michele Bachmann played Polly Bergen without the sex appeal

Rick Perry was Jack Palance

Hermain Cain was the handsome, tough dependable black guy in all the old Korean War movies James Edwards

Jon Huntsman was Speedy Alkaseltzer

Ron Paul again chewing up the scenery as Pa Kettle

Rick Santorum played Jimmy Olsen, again.

I watched the GOP debate expecting the sleep-inducing platitudes and mild gottchas, but was delighted to see Mitt Romney not only play the Bambino, but gesture his bat to the far fence and knock one over the cheap seats and out into Armour Park.

Mitt morphed into William Bendix as The Babe, after helping Jack Palance up after a huge group beat-down over his Texas Med Mandate with this -

Right now, we have people who on this stage care very deeply about this country. We love America. America is in crisis. We have some differences between us, but we agree that this president’s got to go. This president is a nice guy. He doesn’t have a clue how to get this country working again

It's Outta Here!

If Rick Perry is to keep up with Mitt he needs to shed Jack Palance and become Ward Bond. Ward Bond trumps William Bendix 24/7!

I still hope Ava Gardner walks on stage - not even Ward Bond can upstage that beauty.
Sarah Palin is Ava Gardner with Judy Holliday's voice, God help her.

UPdate - "I wish Sarah Palin had Ava Gardner's smoky voice, I think that's what will ultimately kill Sarah Palin's chances, is her high pitched screechy voice. I love everything Sarah says, just can't stand listening to it." Chicago Renaissance Man and cinema auteur Mike Houlihan wishes that Gov. Palin's voice could match the smoky allure of Miss Gardner. Alas, take what God provides, Michael.

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