Friday, October 03, 2008

The Debate: Biden Exudes Charm & Class, but Palin Connects to Americans

The Chicago Tribune rolled out its underwhelming 'damn with faint praise' edition of the Post VP Debate spin.

Steve Chapman's charge of 'Small Town Snobbery' that he lamely leveled against Sahara Palin still banners up for the Salon set. Using some dweebish sociology paper, Chapman explains that crime is down in small town America because the towns are small:

This deters crime in two ways. First, you don't want to damage your reputation among people who may ostracize you for doing wrong. Second, you don't want to rob someone who can easily identify you to police—and in a small town, that limits your pool of victims. Crime is more common in cities because they offer a target-rich environment and much less chance of being spotted by someone who can tell the cops your name, address and 3rd-grade teacher.
One of these days, the 80 percent of Americans who live in more populated areas may tire of being obliquely insulted. Most urbanites and suburbanites don't think they're any better than their country cousins. But Palin might want to think twice before telling them they're worse.

Homicide, Assault, Robery in Englewood, Chatham, Gresham, Roseland where the body count goes up higher than Franklin Raines' Fannie Mae buyout loot?

Steve, you really need to get out a bit. Violent Crimes in those neighborhoods do not occur because of the economic rich pickings, Steve and all too often the neighbors and relatives witness the actual crime and 'NO SNITCH!'

Anyway, Joe Biden is a compelling, forceful, witty, and delightful man and Sarah Palin faced one of the most skilled debaters in the U.S. Senate. Gov. Palin held her own and gave back as good as she got.

What is important is this - Sarah Palin spoke to America.

Joe Biden won the debate, but Sarah Palin won the hearts and minds - if not the ears of folks all over America - I expect more disertations on Palins mispronunciation of the 'N word' - NUCLEAR. I believe that her pronunciation was part of the tactical plan to connect with Americans - irregardless of Party Affiliation. That was the mission. Check!

Steve Chapman's is to help paint the Yellow Brick Road that Obama is skipping on - for now.

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