Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's Genuine Decency Confounds People Like Couric

Governor Sarah Palin confounds the phonies and the mediocrities who dominate public debate.

Sarah Palin connects with Americans in a way unseen in politics since Truman and IKE. They too were sneered at by the Madly for Adlai pipe-smokers.

Truman vowed to punch a 'delicate' music critic in the mouth over an unnecessarily snotty review of his daughter's piano debut. He also 'Fired' the American Caesar for insubordination to the Commander in Chief. The artillery Captain fired the big general.

Sarah Palin is a force that the louses in public debate can not touch, but with whom Americans connect with ease.

Katie Couric, for all of her chipmunk cheek chirpiness, is a typical passive aggressive punk trying desperately to right her sinking career- a career that requires a dearth of talent and cargo of aggression.

The MSNBC Doublemint Twins of Propaganda Olberbore and Maddow have not the wit nor the substance to disarm Sarah Palin.

Change has come and it is long overdue in American Public Discourse. Sarah Palin brings back decency.

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