Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicago land Braces for Burge Blizzard!

Expect non-stop ‘all Burge all the time’ from the hard hitting cadre of investigative journalists and opinion slingers.

TV News Nitwits will adjust the odd comb-over and honey-do tresses and get all steely eyed.

Remember Millionaire Lefty Lawyer G. Flint Taylor (long time pal of Billy Ayers they go WAAAAY back!) brokered this Burge Story. He was last heard from while being sued by Urban Translator and Repentant Gang-banger Emeritus Wallace Gator Bradley, late of the Queen’s Own Gangster Disciples. G. Flint will no doubt want his cut, Tribune and STNG. He had to wrestle the Gator to keep his Burge Boodle!

Our own home grown newshounds could not pick up on the fact that Paul Vallas might have been a great person to call regarding Obama/Ayers Annenberg Playtime. It took a New York Post story to awaken the Nuanced Eric Zorn. They have awakened a sleeping Pygmy!

Here's the Deal:

1. No physical or corroborating evidence ever has been brought to bear in any number of attempts to bring Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge to trial

2. It seems to me that the media got on board of the bus driven entirely by radicals of Peoples Law Office, which succeeded in drawing in the national media back in the 1970's to discredit the FBI - G. Flint Taylor was that Boy Wonder and he brokered the media's love affair with this issue.

3. Four Mayors - Byrne, Washington, Orr, and Sawyer did nothing to spark inquiry into the issue

4. G. Flint Taylor and his cooperating witnesses - The Chicago Media - have orchestrated the case.

5. Okay, Fitzy! Let's see what you have.

6. I would not know Jon Burge if he walked on me. I do not know if he tortured anyone and neither did the Commission that spent 7 million dollars - that did not give Flint Taylor his money. Prove it Fitzy. I have yet to beimpressed with the Federal Prosecutor. I do know that the Chicago Media sees him as the poster boy for Justice and Jon Burge for all the evil and systemic racism that helps sell newspapers. They'll help you take Burge down, Fitzy! No worries there.

7. This trial is over as far as the media is concerned. Justice and the search for truth has nothing to do with it. Click my post title to get the perspective of the real victims in all this - The Police Officers.


Chicago Ray said...

Bout time they nabbed this guy, been a long time coming. However, although quite a slug and rash on the reputation of the honest members of the CPD he is also being slaughtered with a bunch of reverse racial hatred and there certainly are two sides to this story and I don;t have much sympathy for criminals and what happen to them once they cross the line, period.

That's my hard line position as I live here and know what dangerous scum lurks out there and they have to be dealt with in some fashion, not coddled like Tickle Me Elmos.

pathickey said...

This guy - and as I said, Ray, I wouldn't know if he walked in - was tried and convicted in the Media.

I did know Officer Fahey, the older brother of some good friends of mine, and remember the horrific murder of him and his partner Officer O'Brien - killed a block from where I work.

I know that Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn helped Flint Taylor work the Media in the same way they arllied around Mumia out East.

Let's see if Fitzy is all that - I ain't seeing it thus far.

It seems to me a political trial rather than one dedicated to Justice.

Chicago Ray said...

I remember well this whole episode and it was during my growing up years and I know damn well that much of the scum that pervaded the city he was responsible for removing and as far as I'm concerned 90% of the despots deserved whatever was handed out. UNfortunately there's always gonna be the few that slip throught the cracks but for the most part most people arrested have something going against them the libs and Woodstock radicals like Dorn and Ayers forget, they did something wrong an=d broke the law.

Don't break the law and your chances of being abused by a rogue cop or commander goes down exponentially I always said and always will.

pathickey said...

True and wellsaid, Ray.

If the torture took place let it be proven in the Courts; convict Burge in court; give him the Max.

This has been played like a pipe organ in the media with regularity and resonance.

However, Flint Taylor has been at bat many times and always lost and always had a fall back with stooges in the Media and always got a do-over.

Here is link to Bill Baar's Illinoize posting when the Report was released in 2006.