Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Talks Redistribution of Wealth in 2001 Interview

Barack Obama and the arrow points to Man whose paying for his trip to the White House -George Soros!
Dave Hinz of Minority Report found a radio interview with Senator Barack Obama detailing his desire to 'legislate' redistribution of wealth. His actions and associations with radical leftists like Ayers and SEIU well predated his interview with Joe the Plumber.

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"From each according to his means, To each according to his needs."

Unearthed, this 2001 radio interview finds Illinois State Senator Barack Obama lamenting the fact that the Civil Rights Movement was unable to bring about "Social Justice" through redistribution of wealth.

When asked by a caller if he felt that it was too late for this redistribution of wealth to take place through the court system, or if he felt it was best done through legislation, he tells the caller that as a legislator, he feels that it is up to the legislature to make this happen.
"From each according to his means, To each according to his needs."

That is a quote from Karl Marx, the father of Communism. What that phrase means is, that all should work as hard as they can, and then the State will decide whose needs are greater, and will take from the more productive to give to the less fortunate.

That is the basic tenet of Socialism or Communism -- the two ideologies are of the same stripe.

Redistribution of wealth does NOT mean charitable giving. Redistribution of Wealth means the forcible taking from one person or persons, to be handed out to others. This ideology has failed in every society that has ever tried it. Take away the incentive to work, and production plummets.

The Soviet Union, with the greatest agricultural land mass on the planet, could not feed its people because the means of production was in the hands of the government, instead of in the hands of the people.

This is the economic model that Sen Barack Obama wishes to pursue.

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