Saturday, July 19, 2008

MSNBC - Give Your Clown Olbermann a Raise and an Extended Contract!

Keith Olbermann insults all Americans, serves the insulated elite, stands in for the Corporate Peacock, informs no one, and shills for the people Senator Obama chooses to front.

Hat Tip to TraderJohn:

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Olbermann calls Bud Day a "clown"

I'd like to think that Olbermann says these things because he just an attention whore unfortunately the imbecile actually believes it.

Vile MSNBC Obamabot Keith Olbermann has outdone even himself with his "Worst Person in the World" segment tonight. He gave that award to America's most decorated living veteran, Bud Day, calling him a "clown" because he said recently he was not prepared to bow the knee to the "Muslims," referring to Muslim terrorists who seek to destroy America. Olbermann went nuts on Day, calling him a racist and religious hater. Of course, Olbermann never mentioned that Day is America's most decorated living veteran, and did not show one ounce of deference for a man who has given so much for his country,

Every American should demand that MSNBC/NBC force Olbermann to apologize for speaking of this great man in such a disrespectful fashion. Every single night, Olbermann shows America who the "clown" is -- and it is not Bud Day.

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While I honor the sentiments, I most strongly disagree.

MSNBC is a propaganda wing of some strange corporate interests that wish to undermine American values and stuff ballot boxes. Keith Olbermann is America's #1 Juice Bag!

Olbermann is a fatuous jerk and an eponym. Olbermann may be substituted for more scatologically or socially offensive nouns and adjectives. E.G.

'Hey, Olbermann! Take the nozzle out of the tank! Aw, Hell that Olbermann can't hear you - he's down the block already.'

'My Olberman husband left the three kids in the car and smoked crack with his gambling buddies!'

'Don't be such an Olbermann! Lift the lid!'

'Hey, Olbermann! Are you biting the bubbles in the bathtub again?'

Olbermann's smear and twisted parsing of Col. Bud Day's use of the word Muslim will do more to move more voters away from Senator Barack Obama's Campaign for George Soros than all of the friends and relatives that the firts term Illinois Senator has launched under his bus combined.

Click my post title for a study of Col. Bud Day. Olbermann has insulted Catholics, Jews, Women, Working Men and Women of all races, and the intelligence of most Americans who have avoided chemical dependencies.

MSNBC - The Tool Shed - home to Thigh Tingling Obama Adolescent Chris Matthews, Lawyer Abrams' Son Dan who has a neat sinecure with NBC, Rachel Maddow, the Loudest Honors Student in the A.P. Class, and that swell catalogue of in-the-tank Newsweek inkslingers - is doing a great service to Senator John McCain's Campaign! Keep up the great work!

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