Wednesday, July 02, 2008

John McCain: AP's Racist Poll- Plays The 'Cue Card!

"People would rather barbecue burgers with Barack Obama than with John McCain."

The 'Que Card gets Played in the ginned up ( Bumpy Face - n'cest pas?) Presidential Campaign. Does Associated Press need to further Balkanize American Voters?

O Tempora! O Argia B's Mumbo Sauce!

Click my post title for AP Poll that smacks of race baiting and Class Warfare - without the mopping sauce!

Empirically speaking, I could see John McCain nailing a greasy brown bag of fried 'listeners,' but I doubt very much that Barack Obama has tried this delicacy.

While many are still deciding who should be president, by 52 percent to 45 percent they would prefer having Obama than McCain to their summer cookout, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Wednesday.

Men are about evenly divided between the two while women prefer Obama by 11 percentage points. Whites prefer McCain, minorities Obama. And Obama is a more popular guest with younger voters while McCain does best with the oldest.

Having Obama to a barbecue would be like a relaxed family gathering, while inviting McCain "would be more like a retirement party than something fun," said Wesley Welbourne, 38, a systems engineer from Washington, D.C.

Party label means a lot, with three-quarters of Democrats picking the Democrat Obama and the same number of Republicans picking McCain, a Republican. Independents are about evenly split.

"John and I would probably have a lot to talk about," said Republican Michael Mullen, 53, of Merrimac, Mass., like McCain a Navy veteran.

One in six people saying they'd vote for McCain prefer Obama as their barbecue guest; just one in 20 Obama backers would invite McCain.

The AP-Yahoo News survey of 1,759 adults was conducted online by Knowledge Networks from June 13-23 and had an overall margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points. The margin of sampling error for subgroups was larger.

Another study conducted during the Primary suggests that perhaps racist stereotyping might be at the core of the Poll Conducted by AP.

Stereotype: black people love BBQ
So last month's poll - If you were stranded on a desert island with the presidential candidates and forced to eat someone to survive, who do you think would taste the best? I'm proud of how my site brings up a lot of conversation about race, the perception of fat people, and double entendre.

Case in point: gchat with gks

me: who did you vote for on my poll?
gks: barack obama
dark meat
tastes better
me: he doesn't have any fat
garry: lean cuts are better for you
me: not as delicious
and he's a smoker
garry: char grilled flavor
me: ha! good point
I voted for huckabee
garry: lol
me: then I realized you could read the poll in a really dirty way but it was too late to rephrase

Another study conducted by scholarly and poetic Byron Crawford points to the fact that Barbecue is a litmus test for white ( boring) and black ( FLAVA!) acceptability concerning the consumption of comestibles al fresco:

St. Louis Stories #7
While we're not as known for it as Memphis or Kansas City, St. Louis actually consumes more barbecue per capita than anywhere else in the country. It's a fact that I once saw on the infamous Food Network, before anybody goes questioning my statistics. Pretty much wherever you are, you're not that far from either a Super Smokers (former employer of yours truly) or its main competitor Bandanas.

Which is cool.

Up until I was like 15 or 16 I didn't really know shit about white people's barbecue. I had eaten a few rib dinners at places like Applebees, and especially those "riblets" things that used to be all you can eat back in the day, but I didn't really know shit about a pulled pork sandwich, which is like the main feature at white barbecue resturants.

Come to think of it, I might have had one or two of them from the KC Masterpiece restaurant in Creve Coeur, but there's a reason you never hear people talk about it anymore. In fact, it might not even still be there. But the main barbecue sandwich I was into at that point was the infamous rib tip sandwich from this place called C&K.

That's it pictured above via Maxim Online, which once did a feature on it, but you can't really see that in addition to the actual rib tips soaked in copious amounts of barbecue sauce and the oh, so necessary white bread, it also comes with a layer of potato salad in between the tips and the Wonder. The whole thing comes wrapped in a sheet of butcher's paper roughly the size of a Twister mat and is basically impossible to eat as a regular sandwich.

Needless to say, it's arguably the best thing you could possibly eat. Nullus.

But then a regular old cracka-ass cracka pulled pork sandwich is pretty dang good, too. In typical white people's barbecue fashion, it consists of nothing more than a handful of pulled pork shoulder on a hamburger bun - the idea being that if you put anything else on it, it might take away from the taste of the meat, which I've written about before. Some people, especially southerners, have been known to put slaw on them, which I tried once and found to be actually not a bad idea.

If there's an issue, it's that C&K is deep, deep down in the ghetto, far enough that it's really not worth going. Because it's nowhere near the highway, you run the risk of getting lost and getting yourself into some deep, deep shit. There are other black 'cue joints scattered about, but nobody really bothers with them, unless you're just really into snoots or some shit. White 'cue restaurants, on the other hand, are - like I said - literally all over the place.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

Let' s get beyond race! Remember Obama's speech in Philadelphia that made Chris 'Milky' Matthews pee his britches? The one that got Grannie tossed under the rolling and the parade of others now jacking up the bus to greater elevation via the body count?

Let's get beyond barbecue and eat it!


Jamila said...


I run the blog for C&K Barbecue in St. Louis. I ran across your blog where you mention C&K. I was wondering if I could post your quote on to
Please email me and let me know if that is acceptable.


pathickey said...

Ms. Jamila,

I would be proud! I have ben to C&K as my late wife's family were in St. Louis. Wonderful!

God Bless You All!

Pat Hickey