Saturday, July 26, 2008

John McCain: Barack Obama - Toastmaster General of the United States

Without doubt, Senator Barack Obama delivers a nice speech - lots of them. With individuals or even a few persons - not so hot. In front of masses of people, he is Ciceronian. Answering an individual's question he is Porky Pig.

John McCain, face-to-face, on the phone ( I have had the honor of both such exchanges with Senator McCain)or before hundreds of Americans in a townhall meeting, or a grocery aisle, or with a hostile media shill, sounds the same.

Obama is elegant and mannered. McCain is direct and at-ease.

When John McCain won the New Hampshire Primary, the morons at MSNBC interrupted his speech with hoots and cat calls.

When Obama dodged the need to explain his twenty years in the pews of Crazy Uncle Jeremiah with a few paragraphs in Philadelphia, MSNC's Chris Matthews thighs went all a tingle.

Not much said about the Phildelphia Dodge these days.

A President serves. George Washington was a career soldier, plantation owner, member of the Continental Congress, Commander of the Continental Army and a solid organizer. Abraham Lincoln was a cagey lawyer for Illinois Central Railroads, Whig politician, militia captain, abolitionist Republican Congressman, defeated Senate candidate and duelist ( with James Shields). Teddy Roosevelt was a rancher, naturalist, author, Medal of Honor recipient, regimental commander, Police Commissioner, Civil Service Commissioner, Governor and Vice President. John McCain was a naval aviator, POW, Silver Star % etc. recipient, Squadron Commander, Congressman, Senator, Presidential Candidate ( 2000), author, architect of the Surge in Iraq & etc.

Barack Obama - community activist, appointed William Ayers as Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, appointed to Board of Woods Fund, Illinois State Senator ( 1997-2004), U.S. Senator ( 2004-Present)DNC Keynote Speaker, and autobiographer.

Obama reads a great speech.* McCain delivers service, like the Presidents before him.

* Click my post title for Toastmasters.

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