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John McCain: Obama wrong on Colombia, FARC, Ayers, Dohrn, and American Interests in General

John McCain returned from Colombia and three Americans and a Colombian Presidential candidate held by Marxist FARC terrorists fro six years were freed by Columbia's military with American assistance.

Senator Obama is wrong on America's Free Trade Agreement with Colombia, which is fighting Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez for the liberty of South American democracies - Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil are all in danger from Chavez's ambitions for a Marxist Continent.

William Ayers has been and continues to be an influence on Obama. Ayers has a long history with Chavez.

From American Thinker:

Obama may already be working with Hugo Chavez and the narco-war against Colombia. Colombian troops March 1 nailed narco-guerilla leader Raul Reyes just across the border in Ecuador. In response, Chavez threatened to invade Columbia. Information on a laptop computer found with Reyes' corpse detailed the FARC guerillas'relations with both Venezuela and Ecuador and included a February 28 letter from Reyes to the FARC Secretariat. The letter details extensive FARC relations with the governments of Colombia and Ecuador and includes this item:

"The gringos called for a meeting with the minister to ask him to tell us they are interested in talking about several topics. They claim they new president in their country will be Obama and that these people are interested in their fellow citizens. Obama will support neither Plan Colombia nor the signature of the Free Trade Agreement. In this regard, we replied we are interested in relations with the governments that are on equal grounds and that in the case of the United States, a public statement voicing their interest in talking to the FARC is needed, given their eternal war against us."

As Reyes predicted, on April 10 Democrats in Congress blocked enactment of a free trade treaty with Colombia -- in spite of the fact that Colombian exports are already allowed into the US without tariffs. Obama opposed the treaty, winning denunciation by Colombian president Uribe.

Obama is wrong - he is a Progressive Windsock. Obama is wrong on the Surge; he is wrong on Colombian Free Trade; Obama is dead wrong on Chavez and Senator Obama is wrong for the Office of President of the United States.

Barack Obama has had the wrong tutors ( Tony Rezko, Allison Davis, whose son Cullen is being sued for the wrongful death of three year old Curtis Cooper, Fr. Mike Pfleger, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the dious couple of unrepentant terrorists Bernadine Dorhn and William Ayers) and he listened to them with rapt attention.

Pay attention to Senator Obama.

Pay attention to John McCain. In the days to come the man who roughed up a Sandinista jefe back in the 1980's* will prove to be more than right on Colombia - just as he has been on the Surge.

The two senators have made peace since the remarks. Cochran said McCain included him on a recent campaign visit to Meridian. He told the Sun Herald on Monday that McCain, whose ancestors lived in north Mississippi, is the best man for the job.

But Cochran said he observed McCain engage in a physical confrontation with a Sandinista while participating in a diplomatic mission led by Sen. Bob Dole and others in the fall of 1987. Cochran, McCain - who had won election to the Senate that year - and other members of a bipartisan committee of lawmakers called the Central American Negotiations Observer Group - met with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, head of the left-wing political party known as Sandinistas, about tensions in the region.

The atmosphere was tense, as the U.S. was pressing "pretty hard." Cochran noticed a disturbance at the meeting table in a room lined with armed personnel.

"McCain was down at the end of the table and we were talking to the head of the guerilla group here at this end of the table and I don't know what attracted my attention," Cochran said. "But I saw some kind of quick movement at the bottom of the table and I looked down there and John had reached over and grabbed this guy by the shirt collar and had snatched him up like he was throwing him up out of the chair to tell him what he thought about him or whatever. I don't know what he was telling him but I thought, good grief, everybody around here has got guns and we were there on a diplomatic mission. I don't know what had happened to provoke John but he obviously got mad at the guy and he just reached over there and snatched him."

No punches were thrown and the two sat back down, Cochran said. The man, who appeared ruffled after the confrontation with McCain, was an Ortega associate, but Cochran said he was unsure of his identity.

Flash-forward 21 years. Tuesday, McCain was traveling in Central America and he stopped in Colombia. In 2006 Ortega won his office back after losing a 1990 election.

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libhom said...

It turns out that the hostages were freed thanks to the Bush administration paying the ransom to FARC, funneled via the Columbian government.

The official story was extremely fishy from the beginning, and now we know it wasn't true.