Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mike Houlihan's Tapioca -The Movie! at First Take Film Festival in Augusta, GA!

Chicago's south side Pride and Own - Mike Houlihan, wit, actor, writer, director, producer, boulevardier, John McCain Backer, free-spender, serial philanthropist, pugilist, patron of the arts,boulevardier, numismatist, and gum arabic Connoisseur announces

Hi Everybody

Our independent feature film, Tapioca, starring Ben Vereen & Tim
Kazurinsky, has been invited to screen at the First Take Film Festival
in Augusta, Georgia from April 8-12th. That's the same week as the
Masters Golf Tournament at Butler National. Is that cool or what! Come
with us! We'd love to have all Chicago pals come to Augusta for the
screening. Check out the festival at Also our website,

See you in Augusta, the A-U-G!
Mike Houlihan

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