Monday, March 10, 2008

John McCain: School Choice and Hope v. Clinton/Obama/DNC Static Public School Entrallment

The National Democratic Committee and all Candidates are Enthralled by the Public School Lobby - no brag just fact.

Enthrall -1. To hold spellbound; captivate: The magic show enthralled the audience.
2. To enslave.

from Old English - Þræl/slave Bright's Old English Grammar is always a useful tool as it helped me last Good Friday in my assist to Neil Steinberg on the Good Friday Story - godes frias daeg - God's Friday.

There I go again . . .

The DNC and the candidates it anoints pay homage to the Public School Lobby and they are heavier than whale poop with the Democratic National Committee. Most Democrats that I know, my neighbors and friends, would like to see school choice as an option for success. Most of my neighbors and friends are Roman Catholic Democrats - we pay twice for education, once for our kids to attend Catholic Schools and then again through obscene taxes that get soaked up by the monstrously - I can say that - unsuccessful public schools.

The Public School Lobby, especially the two major Teachers Unions, play hardball with every Democratic candidate - especially those who would presume to become National ( House, Senate, Presidency) Candidates.

Now, get this. Everyone is talking about Superdelegates for Obama and Clinton but no one, except David White in his Sunday New York Times op ed piece, is talking about the Public School Lobby as Kingmakers. Get This:

IF the Democratic race is settled at the party’s convention this summer — not unlikely, given Hillary Clinton’s victories over Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas — certain delegate constituencies are going to be the object of much affection from the candidates. Most prominent among these is the delegate and superdelegate bloc affiliated with the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s two largest teachers’ unions. In 2004, more than 400 regular delegates to the convention were members of the two unions, making up a group bigger than every state delegation except California’s.

Now, Hold the Phone! They are enthralled.

John McCain is less than enthralled. Me too.

John McCain is for Parental Choice in Schools for theri Children. John McCain is for easing the tax-burden on parents who pay twice. John McCain wants to end the enthrallment of the States to Public School Lobbies and wants greater accountability from schools that soak up tax dollars.

Real Democrats will find john McCain to be more like them than their Presidential Candidates or the Democratic National Leadership.

Click my post title for David White's caveat to voters.

Real Change means Real Choice - School Choice will Set You Free! School Choice means less burden on taxpayers and more Accountability from Public Schools.

End the Enthrallment; Vote for John McCain and School Choice!

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