Monday, March 31, 2008

John McCain: Only Candidate Leads on School Choice

On the Endangered list - Any Progressive Voices wish to Call People to Action? Naw, there's no Tax-money in it for you!

The Archdiocese of New York and Brooklyn are closing Catholic Schools at an alarming rate. Click my post title for the story -

The greed of the Public School Lobby is only matched by the horrific incompetance intrinsic to that vice.

Public Schools in Chicago are mega million dollar sink holes, but also a handy political platform that allows politicians and activists, who directly benefit from these tax-funded atrocities attended by children and young adults, to rail and howl over homicides and anything but educational failure.

Crane High School was put on national spotlight when it was closed due to the murder of a student there - only to be followed by the death of an 18 year old student at Simeon High School. More money to Public Schools will be the answer to homicides, childhood pregnancies, morbid obesity, and the heart-break of psoriasis.

Public Schools control the tax dollar-thermostat for Chicago, Cook County and Illinois homeowners. There are no grown-ups puting a lock on that control.

School Choice and Competition for Quality of instruction is only way to stop the Public School Lobby from cranking up the furnace in which Illinois tax-dollars are burned up - passing the costs on to you the consumers.

John McCain is for School Choice - No Democratic Candidate is for School Choice.

Click my post title and read about the consequences of the nearly forty years of bondage served by New York Taxpayers to Public School Lobby and the largely Democratic politicians enthralled to its will.

It is time for Leadership on School Choice. It is Time for McCain.

John McCain on School Vouchers and Choice:

Vouchers needed where teachers fail
McCain believes school vouchers should be available to parents in order that they may place their children in the best learning environment for their particular needs. He feels that each and every child in every classroom deserves a teacher who is qualified and enthusiastic about teaching. “Some people just aren’t meant to be teachers, and we should help them find another line of work. Because if teachers can’t teach, our kids can’t learn.”
Source: “Position Papers” 5/24/99 May 24, 1999

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