Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FBI Director Firing Passes the Hypocrite's Money Moue Test

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But it was Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill., who made the biggest impression, going to the Senate floor about an hour after the announcement to clearly outline the stakes..
“Any attempt to stop or undermine this FBI investigation would raise grave constitutional issues,” he told colleagues.
Trump’s sudden action “raises the question as to whether Russian interference in the last presidential campaign by the Trump campaign will also be investigated by the FBI,” Durbin said.
He demanded “clarification by the White House as soon as possible as to whether this investigation will continue
.” McClatchey News

Some say that you can tell a politician is lying, because his mouth is moving.

True.  However, there is more subtle signal offered by political hypocrites, feebs, dummies and grifters in both the Elephant and the Donkey camps: the Time honored Face Suck, grimace, lip compression and the "Tired. Lord I'M Tired" pucker of fraudulent faces at the podium - The Political Pucker Pussies! This is the golden standard of lie detection - The Money Moue!

 If the Face Sucks; the Truth Trucks!Image result for Truth be truckin

The Money Moue is Capitol Capital!

The Money Moue Maker on the Hill is Senator Dick Durbin.

Here are some Money Moues

Image result for Politician lip biterImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker faceImage result for Politician Pusss PuckerImage result for Politician Pusss PuckerImage result for elizabeth warren lip bite-erImage result for elijah cummings lip biterImage result for bill clinton lip biter

These are all very practiced political pucker pusses, but the all-time Champ of the hypocrites Grimace, the Money Moue, is none other than Illinois United States Senator Dithering Dick Durbin!Image result for Senator Dick Durbin grim faceImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker faceImage result for Senator Dick Durbin pucker face

Durbin's mug is a lighthouse on all blustery and foggy nights signaling the Ship of State, "Avast, Ye Lubbers, thar be rocks and shoals hard by!"   Translated - No Prey. No Plunder!

When Durbin's mug morphs into Pucker Puss, reach back to your wallet and shake hands with Senator Durbin!Image result for dick durbin  on Comey firing

Following the Rogue's March played very nicely for FBI Director James Comey, it took Dick Durbin only minutes to leap forth and eat his face the nation. His creature and myna bird, Senator Tammy "Ditto" Duckworth offered an immediate, " What Dick said!" Image result for tammy duckworth outraged

Durbin's tight-mouthed hypocrisy lit a prairie fire of faux fury that ignited Sen. Richie  " Chesty" Blumenthal - truth be told.
Image result for dick durbin  on Comey firing Sidney did the Durbin Money Moue!

The Money Moue swept Congress

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., a Senate Intelligence Committee member, made a more direct connection. “President Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director Comey smacks of President Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre. If this is an effort to stop the investigations into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, it won’t succeed,” he said.
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., saying “the reasoning and timing behind this firing is absolutely preposterous and unbelievable,” added that “It smacks of a Nixon-esque cover up of President Trump’s Kremlin ties on.

Looks like Comey's exit with be healthy for the State of the Nation.
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