Friday, September 11, 2015

The Settled Science of Silliness 2008 to Present (ex libris Hickey)


Minds are settled.

The New York Times ran a TV commercial  a few years ago in an attempt to capture more subscribers by way of touting the Weekender. The people in the ad are universally obnoxious, prissy, snotty and self-absorbed. To me and nearly every person I come into contact with every day, real people cops, foremen,teachers, City workers and the odd billionaire, all of the actors playing real New York Times readers seem like they were hand-picked by the DNC. One of the 'real readers' is an faux bald obnoxious goof in a turtleneck glasses sweater and horn rimmed who hisses 'It's in the Times and that settles it.'

That settles it. Think no more, search no more, accept a prissy meme and be happy.  All is well.

The problem is . . .there are more settled minds in America than is healthy.

Political discourse was fun at one time.  Since Obama took the White House and even a little before, chats about culture, religion, science and public policy artists at the City, County, State, National and International levels devolved into this dialog I had with an old friend in July 2008 at a fund raiser for a sick child at 115 Bourbon Street.

" Hey, Hickey! How's your McCain work going?"

I'm not working on McCain's campaign.  I plan to vote for him, if he gets the nomination.

" He's nuts!   You met Obama; how could you not be for him?  You've been a Democrat all your life."

I still am a registered Democrat.  Yes, I have met Obama, as head of the Woods Fund, at the Snow Flake Ball before Bobby Rush handed him his ass, at several family parties  and when he asked me how the hell I expected him to get into a boxing ring, when there is "No Gate!"  Obama is a very dumb guy, but looks like he could open a box of Wheaties without a tutorial and I can not stand the people behind him.

" Oh, like me?"

No. Like Abner Mikva and all of Hyde Park creeps running Richie Daley. Look he is run by Valerie Jarrett who is one of the nastiest vipers on the edge of the public trough.Only today, the Sun Times had the story of Obama's $1.1 million dollar gazebo giveaway to a connected pal in Englewood and we could not get the goof to endorse a grant for us at Leo, the entire time he was in the State Senate.  He tossed $100,000 to a campaign worker for a gazebo that doesn't exist.    It is in the Sun Times today.

" Awhh, @#$% You and all your right-wing pals!'

My right wing pals?  I don't ever drink tea.

That settled any future exchanges unrelated to weather and the robust state of my physical health.

Settled.  People who ask you what you think are not even remotely interested in your thoughts - You know the reified things that used to bus us to the conclusive idea, or opinion we hold at moment.

"How do you like my Onion and Garlic Cake with Maple Syrup?"

( generous exploratory mouthful and swallow) Gee, I think I am about to vomit.

" Awhh, @#$% you and your Food Channel pals!"

We are settled.  Settled things that require absolutely nothing more than a conclusion.

  • Climate Change?  Settled  
  • Science? Settled.  
  • Donald Trump?  He's Really, really, really honest and thoughtful!  
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Fiscal Sophistication and Great for Organized Labor! 
  • Abortion Videos ?  Please
  • Pension Problems?  Politicians are Crooks and Not Our Fault, Because We Only Voted for Them!  
  • Blackhawks' Patrick Kane?  Guilty!  
  • 9/11?  Bush Killed Millions More - Noam Chomsly said So! 
  •  Patriots' Deflatgator Tom Brady? Guilty?  
  • Black Lives Matter? Shut the@#$% Up, Racists!  
  • Cops? As if! Haven't You Been Watching CNN/MSNBC?
  • Obama's Iran Deal?  No Wars Ever!

Facts and shared truths?  See Talking Points Memo, or Rush Limbaugh

I am unsettled.  Ask me.

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