Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Kennelly Family Lives the Gospels

I raise money for a Catholic High School. We have an Alumni and circle of massively hearted friends who pump dollars to fuel a Catholic education for young men in Chicago.  I am in awe of them

One of Leo High School's historical athletic and bragging rights rivals is Mount Carmel High School.  Their Alumni is awesome.

The families who send their sons to Mount Carmel make huge sacrifices - they, like every Catholic school family in Chicago, pay for Public Schools and huge tuition bills so their sons can grow in the Catholic Faith and learn 2,000 plus years of shared truth.

I am awed.

Yesterday, a family in my neighborhood, having gone the path of so many Chicago families of having to say goodbye to a son and brother, performed an act of love, so out of place in our age of Kardasian and Pat Hickey self pity and direction, that I am stunned in awe.

The family of a Chicago teenager who was killed by a "sucker punch" during an alcohol-fueled beach brawl in Northwest Indiana in 2011 has agreed to a settlement of $1 million in a civil suit against the man charged with delivering the fatal punch.
Jean and Kevin Kennelly, the parents of the victim Kevin Kennelly, said the lawsuit "was never about the money." On Wednesday, they announced they will donate the entire $1 million settlement to Mt. Carmel High School in their son's name.
I learned of this from a neighbor and later listened to a news report as I drove to Chicago's Riverwalk to catch the Skinny & Houli Show at Lizzie McNeill's.Image result for terry sullivan chicago I was meeting a local Chicago jazz diva and we planned to enjoy a nice supper and watch Jim Sheahan and Mike Houlihan grill Irish American News Publisher Cliff Carlson.

I sat near the recording booth after being patted down for contraband beverages by Special Olympics Tough Guy William Tang, who acts as Jim Sheahan's muscle and makes popcorn runs for Mike Houlihan. William allowed me near the radio set-up, but told me to 'park it' behind the speakers at table further removed from the Stars of Saturday's Airwaves from 3-4PM on AM 1450.

Park it, I did.

I rubber necked the flow of the Chicago Riverwalkway and saw the exquisite Miss Terry Sullivan making her way my way from McClurg Court.  When I brought Terry to the table, I noticed that seated next to me were Kevin and Jean Kennelly.

I was so moved by the act generous and loving goodness this most Catholic of couples performed that day at Mount Carmel that I nearly bawled like the whiner I am.

I explained to my dinner guest the five years of suffering and anguish Jean and Kevin had endured and the act that these true Apostles had done for young men at Mount Carmel High School.

The Kennelly's donated every nickel of a 'settlement' - the 2016 word for a money miracle that too often is wasted on things, travel  and entertainment- to help young men, like their beloved Kevin, wear the Carmelites Cream and Brown and learn to live Christ's message of forgiveness, giving and nurturing.

From the NBC report - "No amount of money could replace the life of our son, who was a billion dollars, not a million," Kevin Kennelly Sr." This is our intent, is to have something big out of Kevin's time on this earth and do some of the things that Kevin would have done. He was a very good man who would have done great things with his life."

Christ and Young Kevin Approve!

Christ be good to Kevin and Jean Kennelly


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