Saturday, September 26, 2015

Neighbors Celebrate Hickey's Delayed Lawn Work With a Blue Angels Flyover!

This is my Lawn Mower.  It is generated by the will to go out and cut the grass, weeds, dandelions and tree branchlings behind the force of my sixty-four year old frame and , of course,  the time to do it. Hey, I been busy. Really. As the poet said, Time flies like an arrow and Fruit Flies Like a Banana.

Prior to this day's cuttings and pullings, Lawn Hickey was not unlike this!

Homo , Civis et proximum. eum locum te deducas languoribus peresus triturans triturabit!
Time! on whose arbitrary wing
The varying hours must flag or fly,
Whose tardy winter, fleeting spring,
But drag or drive us on to die---
Hail thou! who on my birth bestowed
Those boons to all that know thee known;
Yet better I sustain thy load,
For now I bear the weight alone.
Get your fat ass out to the garage! Lube the damn wheels on the WalMart Special and start pushing!
With rapid Force our sharpen'd Blades we drive,
Strain ev'ry Nerve, and Blow for Blow we give.
All strive to vanquish, tho' the Victor gains
No other Glory, but the greatest Pains.

Here -  and here is what I hath wrought!

WITH Heat and Labour tir'd, our Scythes we quit,
Search out a shady Tree, and down we sit:
From Scrip and Bottle hope new Strength to gain;
But Scrip and Bottle too are try'd in vain.
New-growing Labours still succeed the past;
And growing always new, must always last.
The neighbors are having a Fly-Over by the Blue Angels at noon.   

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