Friday, September 11, 2015

The Holocaust and History Trivialized by Another' Public Scholar'

I was returning my tuxedo rental on Tuesday and caught more Howard Zinn inspired American History from a Yale University academic on National Public Radio.  The self-absorbed dimwit ROBERT Seigel for NPR allowed an obviously inflated resume to get away with a a very loopy consideration of The Holocaust ( 1939-1945), not only unchallenged, but candied with typical NPR lick-spittle.

Robert Siegel interviewed the author of  Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning.

The basic theme of the tome is that Hitler the total Statist Monster was anti-Government, like some Tea Partier and destroyed States ( government protects Jews as well as Julias!)  that he did not take a shine to, like George W. Bush, and was not so much an human malevolence, as he was addicted to tales of the American West. Al Hitler allowed States like France, Holland and Norway to continue and Jews were just ducky!

Now, for the real villains -USA!

Doic Snyder says that the 7th Cavalry inspired the Einsatzgruppen to play Garryowen when knocking off Yiddish Commie Comanches.

It is not enough to study history, writes about history, or contribute to a 'the conversation, ' American academics must be recognized as 'public scholars.'  Here is one.

Profesor Tim Snyder of Yale.

 Hitler and men and women of his generation grew up in the late 19th century aware of what was happening in the United States, understanding it as an example of a successful land colonization, as a successful example of wiping out native peoples and transforming a whole region. So he saw the Americans as an inspiring example of what could be done.. . . One of the lessons of the Holocaust is that when you face choices between ideology and science, you should first see if science offers you solutions, and I mean this particularly in a time of climate change in which real shortages of food and real shortages of water are just around the corner.

Remember the Holocaust?  The one that took place between seventy and seventy-five years ago?  Well, forget it.  Ignore Elie Weisel.  Ignore Buchenwald.  That stuff was just the reification of Hitler's watching too many American Westerns.

Yep.  The Old Paper Hanger got hankerin' to do to Communists . . .You Know Jews?   . . .what Old Cump Sherman and Phil Sheridan did to indigenous peoples in North America.

Damn them Washington Redskins!

Deny evil. Deny the  two decades of lebensraum memes from Old Al and deny Mein Kampf and accept aDoc Snyder's hot new way to dismiss the murder of 6 millions Jews and remember that Hitler was pretty damn nice to French, Dutch and German Jews.

America inspired (1939) and inspires ( all current) genocide, says Professor Tim Snyder.

This horseshit is was passes for public scholarship.

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