Monday, December 15, 2014

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Kills Kids and Christmas

Chicago is a thug comfort zone.  It became so, because of anti-police mythologies, a complete undermining of any and all confidence in the American Justice system and the racial grievance industry.

A thug can kill with impunity and murder witnesses..  This weekend,  a 15 year old boy was murdered because a 17 year old thug wanted his jacket. No police officer has been charged with killing a kid for his Ipod, Timberlines, Jordans, jewelry, or inability to answer the fundamental GD, Stones, or Mickey Cobra catechism questions.  Nevertheless, police officers are public enemy number one, because of flannel-mouthed morons like Michale Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, Joan Walsh, Chris Hayes and Chicago's editorial boards,

Thugs kill and rob with impunity.

Did you know that in Gresham, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Chatham and Bronzville neighborhoods Black families refrain from putting up Christmas decorations in order to signal the thugs that there is nothing under tree.

Only this morning, one of the young guys whom I drive to Leo High School every morning had his home broken into on Saturday and his family's Christmas presents redistributed to the thugs.

The family took down the Christmas tree, the lights and any other notification of shared values.  If your home or apartment in the 'Hood displays Christmas, the thugs find cause to rob you.

This war on Christmas goes way beyond the Bill O'Reilly-variety; this war on Christmas is personal.

The news media gooses the numbers of idealistic dopes who Metra into the Loop from our suburban Napervilles, Wilmettes and Winnetkas who need to march in solidarity against "police violence," purchase an "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt, beat a few drums and disrupt traffic when called into Action by race fakirs like Sharpton and pasty-faced clowns like MBC's Brian Williams.

We live in a thug comfort zone, because we are OK with it.  We feel good about it. It is cathartic to blame the cops, march in solidarity and assuage white guilt, or black frustration.  It sure beats actually doing something about it - like facing our own demons, defending the sanctity of life, working for institutions and people who are not a huge part of problem and actually being accountable, for something.

The Christ Child is naked, cold and about to take a 9mm if Joe and Mary don't give up the  gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

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