Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Rahm's "Neighborhood Shout-Out" Line-Up

UNREAL: Idiot Chicago Libs Gather in SUPPORT of ISIS and Christian Genocide

Michael Sneed (not a guy) Rahm's 'em like no other with her desultory report on Rahm's desire to go Carthart Rauner Regular Guy in his Cinemascope Camapign 2015.
Sneed hears that Mayor Rahm Emanuelis going to kick off his campaign at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Near West Side’s Cinespace soundstage, where “Chicago Fire” is being filmed.
“It will be a neighborhood style shoutout; no out-of-town firepower [like PresidentBarack Obama] or celebs [represented by Rahm’s uber-agent brother, Ari Emanuel] driving a Hollywood-style narrative,” a top Sneed source said.
Sounds swell! 
Magister Ludi for this home-spun fun-o-Rahma will be Chicago's utility idiot and pan-protest pest Andy Thayer with BGA honcho and ABC 7 microphone challenged Andy Shaw doping the lick-spittle.

Rahm's Just folks to include:

  • Real Estate Comic and Prankster - Zeus Preckwinkle
  • Uber-Commie and Legal Eagle - G. Flint Taylor
  • Weight-Watchers Dodger and Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner -Abner Mikva
  • Pat Quinn Campaign Wiz and Laugh a Minute  CPUSA Medico - Dr. Quentin Young
  • PR Maven and Weatherman Raven - Marylyn Katz
  • FARC General and Professor Emeritus - Bill Ayers
  • FARC Field Marshal and Non-Practicing Law Prof - Bernardine Dorhn
  • Blue Man Group Re-Enactors - The Wrongful Conviction Players
  • The Man in the Iron Mask ( Video from the Federal Correction Center on Van Buren) - Tony Rezko
  • Mr. Chicago Values - Billy Dec
  • Uncle Fester - Billy Corgin
  • Cows on Parade - Lois Weisberg
  • Dancing with Mormons - Terry Cosgrove, Fred Eychaner, Deb Mell, Deb Shore and The Circuit City Dancers
  • Celebrity Roast Rumpers - former Governor Pat Quinn, former Redhead Judy Baar Topinka, Forrest Claypool, Jim Oberweiss
  • Secular Archbishop of Chicago - David Orr
  • Oliver Twist Urchins - De Paul University and Unified Choir of Illinois SEIU

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