Monday, December 08, 2014

CPD Hero Saved a Crowd of People in a Mount Greenwood Pub

Authorities responded to a police-involved shooting Sunday night in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood. | NVP News video

White, Black, Brown Red and Yellow people are not bullet proof. Bullet travels at thousands of feet per second when someone pulls a trigger.  A bad guy, a cop, or a child can pull a trigger. A gun is a formidable weapon; so is a pool cue, a pipe wrench, or a fist.

Behavior is the problem and not some Chimera - systemic racism.

Systemic is an adjective lifted from the hard sciences and employed by the agenda-driven social sciences to further the naturalistic notions that society is a body on a coroner's slab and tweedy goofs with grants and academic tenure dole out the word's application to lawyers, crumbs and dumb bunnies

Last evening, Bad Behavior from some unknown person with, what I would call a serious beef about something, added to more than a few ounces of Giant Killer

The Bad Behavior person shot someone in a neighborhood tavern and an alert and courageous off-duty Chicago Police Sergeant saved a crowd of citizens from harm.

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It is believed that this Bad Behavior shooter of guns is a white man . . .a deceased white man.

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